• chopped, sand mafia, woman s hand chopped off completely, Sand mafia

    Woman's hand chopped off completely 05 July 2015

    Mangala Gowri in West Bengalurus Kempe Gowdanagar was attacked by the group men, who chopped of the former hand in the attack. According to the reports, Mangala, who is living with her family in a house, gave a portion of...

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    AP liquor mafia news, liquor and sand mafia, special enforcement bureau to curb liquor and sand in ap, Sand mafia

    Special Enforcement Bureau To Curb Liquor And Sand In AP 09 May 2020

    Special Enforcement Bureau To Curb Liquor And Sand In AP:- The government of Andhra Pradesh decided to set up a special enforcement bureau to curb the illegal transport of sand and liquor in the state. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS...

    Keywords: liquor and sand mafia, liquor and sand mafia, enforcement bureau for sand, liquor and sand mafia

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    CAG, Telugu Desam Party, land allotments faulted by cag to be cancelled, Sand mafia

    Land allotments faulted by CAG to be cancelled 07 April 2012

    The Telugu Desam Party has demanded the government to cancel land allotments. According to sources, the party has held an internal meeting to discuss these issues. TDP delegates are most likely to visit the Governor, the prime minister and even...

    Keywords: sand mafia, cancel land allotments, rally against electricity charges, Telugu Desam Party

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    illegal sand mining, Sand Mafia, kiran govt failed to act on sand mafia, Sand mafia

    Kiran Govt. failed to act on Sand Mafia 05 May 2012

    Way back in September 2011, the Vigilance and Enforcement wing of the general administration department had submitted a report to the State government. According to the report, a major racket is flourishing in the illegal sand mining business. On behalf...

    Keywords: High Court, Sand Mafia, CM Kiran Kumar, benamis

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    Karimnagar district, Karimnagar district, sand mafia terrorising karimnagar officials, Sand mafia

    Sand mafia terrorising Karimnagar officials 16 March 2012

    Despite having knowledge of unabated illegal sand mining, revenue officials in Karimnagar district are able to do only little to check it. They are fearing to stop or seize the sand-laden vehicles as the owners had reportedly formed a syndicate...

    Keywords: Sand Mafia, revenue officials, revenue officials, revenue officials

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    Chodavaram Mandal in Visakhapatnam District, Gandhavaram, businessman style mafia, Sand mafia

    Businessman style mafia 18 May 2013

    Sometimes movies are made keeping in view the actual incidents take place.  But sometimes the incidents take place because of the inspiration got from the scenes in the movies to act like in those scenes. In the Mahesh Babu acted...

    Keywords: transporting sand without permission, sand transporters, Businessman style mafia, sand transporters

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    mining mafia, Narendra Kumar, sand mafia could be associated with the murder of cops, Sand mafia

    Sand Mafia could be associated with the murder of cops 20 July 2012

    Four days after a cop was reported to be missing, his body was found mutilated in Sagar and was recovered from a reservoir 40 km from the distrct headquarters between Ghoograkhurd and Banda on Thursday. The family sub-inspector, who was...

    Keywords: Bihari Singh Yadav, Ghoograkhurd, Bihari Singh Yadav, Narendra Kumar

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    Vikarabad, Sand mafia, lady sub collector midnight visit slashes sand mafia, Sand mafia

    Lady sub collector midnight visit slashes sand mafia 22 June 2015

    Vikarabad Sub Collector Varshini made a sudden visit to Kagna River to catch hold of people performing sand mafia on Sunday.On the outskirts of Yalala mandal Bennuru and Tandoor, the sand mafia is been taking place for quite some days....

    Keywords: varshini, sub collector, sub collector, Vikarabad

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    sand mafia, illegal quarrying, sand mafia raises its ugly hoods, Sand mafia

    Sand mafia raises its ugly hoods 27 July 2012

    Krishna District sand quarrying has again emerged under cover of the darkness in the Kanchencharla mandal. Illegal quarrying the Krishna river basin has been  very much predominant in the recent times. Politically it is the strong hold of a particular...

    Keywords: sand quarrying, krishna district, krishna district, krishna district

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    Sand Mafia, N Chandrababu Naidu, tdp lambast congress over neglecting welfare of people, Sand mafia

    TDP lambast Congress over neglecting welfare of people 06 April 2012

    The Telugu Desam Party Chief N Chandrababu Naidu lamented that the Congress party was neglecting the common man. He said the party was busy confronting the internal controversies and failed to implement welfare schemes for the common man. He also...

    Keywords: SEZ, Congress, Sand Mafia, SEZ

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    Sand mafia in AP cabinet, AP cabinet, ap cabinet kapu quota sand mafia aadhar helmets, Sand mafia

    AP cabinet: Kapu quota, sand mafia, Aadhar, helmets 03 November 2015

    Yesterday, the Andhra Pradesh cabinet discussed about the construction plans of Amaravati capital, sand mafia and the reservation procedure for the Kapu community and made a  few proposals on all the issues.  Speaking about the discussions made in the AP cabinet...

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