• Health, foetal position, foetal position provides relaxation, Psy

    Foetal position provides relaxation 27 December 2013

    People in pain usually crawl into the foetal position as it helps to reduce physical pain and psychological pain like a bad news or stress. But have you wondered why the pain eases? Relief experienced in foetal position can be...

    Keywords: stress, natural defensive posture, Health News, skeletal muscles

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    Psycho incident at Chaderghat, Chaderghat Hyderabad, psycho on loose attacks police at midnight, Psy

    Psycho On Loose Attacks Police At Midnight 06 November 2013

    A person called Isamia who is mentally unstable as revealed in the investigation later, entered a function at Chaderghat Hyderabad and attacked the guests in the party with a knife.  He wounded the persons whoever objected it with the same...

    Keywords: mentally unstable man Isamia, Psycho Attacks Police in hyderabad, Psycho Attacks Police at midnight, Police Sub Inspector Mahender

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    Psycho Murders Girl, Secunderabad Railway police, psycho murders girl at secunderabad station, Psy

    Psycho Murders Girl At Secunderabad Station 11 December 2013

    A mentally disturbed person killed a girl on platform No.10 in Secunderabad railway station at 12.00 pm on Tuesday. The girl was accompanied by her grandmother and father going to attend a marriage of their relatives at Sholapur. The incident...

    Keywords: Secunderabad Station, Secunderabad railway station, Psycho Murders Girl, Psycho Murders Girl

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    Sony Pictures Television, original series for Netflix, netflix agreement with sony, Psy

    Netflix agreement with Sony 16 October 2013

    Netflix during Monday brought into prominence a deal along with Sony to originate a psychological thriller series for the online streaming and DVD service. This would be moving ahead faster accompanied by original programming to succeed by striving towards subscribers....

    Keywords: Netflix deal with Sony, original series for Netflix, online streaming, original series for Netflix

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    dog fits, dog epilepsy, see how dog saved woman from epilepsy, Psy

    See how dog saved woman from Epilepsy 29 August 2015

    Imagine you are alone in your house and you are suddenly affected with Epilepsy (fits), what would be your situation at that time? But a woman in Ireland does not have any such worries, as her dog saves her from...

    Keywords: dog fits, dog epilepsy, dog epilepsy, viral videos

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    affiliative humour, sense, sense of humour changes with age, Psy

    Sense of Humour changes with age 06 October 2014

    A study reportedly suggested that things that you find funny now may not be the same later which means, sense of humour changes with age. However, the study did not report that the change leads to the best or worst....

    Keywords: sense, Sense of humour, psychology, Sense of humour

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    Psychosis published, Psychosis news, hallucinations can be halved by psychosis detection system, Psy

    Hallucinations can be Halved by Psychosis Detection System 15 September 2020

    Hallucinations can be Halved by Psychosis Detection System:- The doctors developed a data mining method to detect youngsters who are suffering from psychosis. This new method is based on the advanced data mining to find the early risk signs from...

    Keywords: Psychosis prevention, Hallucinations, Psychosis articles, Psychosis in UK

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    Kejriwal, CBI raids at Kejriwal office, cbi raided my office modi is a psychopath kejriwal, Psy

    CBI raided my office, Modi is a psychopath- Kejriwal 15 December 2015

    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted this morning that, CBI conducted raids in  his office. He even commented on Modi saying that, he is a coward and a psychopath. Today morning, Kejriwal and other Aam Aadmi party leaders, (AAP), were...

    Keywords: Kejriwal, India news, #ArvindvsModi, India news

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    four accused in Disha case, Disha case updates, disha case aiims team conducts second autopsy for the bodies of accused, Psy

    Disha Case: AIIMS Team Conducts Second Autopsy for the Bodies of Accused 23 December 2019

    Disha Case: AIIMS Team Conducts Second Autopsy for the Bodies of Accused:- The Disha incident is a sensation and the whole country mourned her demise. The veterinary doctor was nabbed, raped and brutally burnt alive in Hyderabad. The four accused...

    Keywords: Disha case latest, Disha case news, Disha case updates, Disha case autopsy

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    Vikas Dubey dead, Vikas Dubey pictures, vikas dubey tested negative for coronavirus autopsy process on, Psy

    Vikas Dubey Tested Negative For Coronavirus, Autopsy Process On 10 July 2020

    Vikas Dubey Tested Negative For Coronavirus, Autopsy Process On:- Uttar Pradesh gangster Vikas Dubey who happens to be the prime accused in 62 criminal cases was nabbed yesterday in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh cops traveled all the way...

    Keywords: Vikas Dubey body, Vikas Dubey died, Vikas Dubey body, Vikas Dubey breaking news

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    Basic pregnancy tips, children, how to deal with your child during pregnancy, Psy

    How to deal with your child during pregnancy? 18 January 2014

    If you are a mom-to-be with a toddler in tow, we have some basic tips that'll help you sail through your pregnancy. These simple adjustments are all you need to be a happy and stress-free mom-to-be: Share housework with someone...

    Keywords: Women News, mummy’s tummy, toddler, Women Health

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    Brenda Trammel, Achutha Reddy, telangana doctor stabbed to death in his clinic in us, Psy

    Telangana Doctor Stabbed To Death In His Clinic In US 15 September 2017

    Telangana Doctor Stabbed To Death In His Clinic In US:- An Indian doctor, a resident of Nalgonda district in Telangana was stabbed to death at his Holistic Psychiatry Services clinic in Wichita, Kansas and a man identified as one of...

    Keywords: Hyderabad, Holistic Psychiatry Services Clinic, Holistic Psychiatry Services Clinic, Hyderabad

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    Bollywood news, Bollywood news, my wedding was not psychotic shahid kapoor, Psy

    My wedding was not psychotic - Shahid Kapoor 24 October 2015

    Shahid Kapoor, who is on high with his recent success Shandaar, spoke out some quirky words, about his wedding. In Shandaar movie, Shahid and Alia are seen as insomniac couple. Their performance is being well applauded in the theatres. Even...

    Keywords: Shahid Kapoor, Shandaar collections, Bollywood news, Bollywood news

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    consumption of high fatty food, fatty food causes depression, gut bacteria increases risk of depression impaired memory, Psy

    Gut bacteria increases risk of depression, impaired memory 28 March 2015

    A study recently published in the journal Biological Psychiatry revealed that a high-fat diet produces changes in health and behavior (partly) by altering a person’s gut microbiota. To know whether bacteria in the gut can alter behavioral patterns, even in...

    Keywords: behavioral changes on taking fatty food, effect of diet on health, behavioral changes on taking fatty food, fatty food causes depression

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    George Floyd charges, George Floyd latest, george floyd s death is a homicide says autopsy, Psy

    George Floyd's Death Is A Homicide Says Autopsy 02 June 2020

    George Floyd's Death Is A Homicide Says Autopsy:- A medical examiner revealed that George Floyd's death is a homicide and his heart stopped after the cops restrained him and suppressed his neck. George Floyd's video went viral all over and...

    Keywords: George Floyd, George Floyd video, George Floyd case, George Floyd

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    Vikas Dubey latest news, Vikas Dubey latest news, vikas dubey died of haemorrhage and shock says the autopsy report, Psy

    Vikas Dubey Died Of Haemorrhage And Shock Says The Autopsy Report 20 July 2020

    Vikas Dubey Died Of Haemorrhage And Shock Says The Autopsy Report:- Uttar Pradesh based gangster Vikas Dubey was brutally encountered recently in Kanpur which created a sensation. He was the prime accused in over 70 cases in the country. As...

    Keywords: Vikas Dubey, Vikas Dubey latest, Vikas Dubey breaking news, Vikas Dubey breaking news

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    Psycho Killer Venkateswarlu, Psycho Killer news, nellore s psycho killer sentenced to death, Psy

    Nellore’s Psycho Killer Sentenced To Death 18 August 2017

    Nellore’s Psycho Killer Sentenced To Death:- A notorious psycho killer named Kukkalapalli Venkateswarlu who is 29-years old killed four people brutally in 2016 has been addressed death sentence. The four murders took place in Nellore in 2016 which created a...

    Keywords: Psycho Killer in Nellore, Psycho Killer news, Psycho Killer in Nellore, Psycho Killer Venkateswarlu

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    Syringe psycho updates, Syringe psycho, syringe psycho new tension of ap, Psy

    Syringe psycho - New tension of AP 29 August 2015

    In Andhra Pradesh, a man is travelling in the early hours of the day on bike and pricking the women with syringes. Along with the regular hectic problems, Andhra Pradesh is now being threatened with another new issue, which is...

    Keywords: Syringe psycho, Syringe psycho updates, AP Syringe psycho, Syringe psycho

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    14-Year Old Teenager Online Suicide Game, Blue Whale Suicide Challenge, 14 year old teenager leaves home for blue whale challenge rescued, Psy

    14-Year Old Teenager Leaves Home For “Blue Whale Challenge”, Rescued 11 August 2017

    14-Year Old Teenager Leaves Home For “Blue Whale Challenge”, Rescued:- A 14-year-old boy from Solapur, who was on his way to Pune to complete a task given to him in the online game ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, was rescued by the...

    Keywords: Boy Rescued, Boy Rescued, Boy Rescued, Boy Rescued

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    Syringe Psycho updates, Syringe Psycho, syringe psycho new sketch released, Psy

    Syringe Psycho new sketch released 04 September 2015

    As the ‘Syringe Psycho’ issue is getting viral day by day, the officials are taking more measures, for the safety of the public. As discussed earlier, ‘Syringe Psycho’ still did not stop his attacks on the girls, pricking them with...

    Keywords: Syringe Psycho case, Syringe Psycho issue, Syringe Psycho updates, Syringe Psycho issue

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