Syringe Psycho new sketch released

September 04, 2015 10:34
Syringe Psycho new sketch released

As the ‘Syringe Psycho’ issue is getting viral day by day, the officials are taking more measures, for the safety of the public.

As discussed earlier, ‘Syringe Psycho’ still did not stop his attacks on the girls, pricking them with the harmless syringes. Previously, the officials released a rough sketch on the culprit and with that sketch, the identity is not able to be found, as the sketch literally lacked exact clarity.

With this confidence, the syringe Psycho continued to perform his pricking activities on the AP women. As of now, he pricked 11 women with the syringe.

So make the sketch bit clearer, the officials have now released a fresh sketch, as seen in the picture above.

Speaking about this, on Thursday, Narsapuram Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Sowmya Latha said that a meeting with the Syringe Psycho victims has been held yesterday. "We collected inputs about the accused, aged between 25 and 30, and based on it a second sketch was released. The Police have been intensified the searches and are keeping a check at entrance and exit points of the district."

A few are fake syringe psycho complaints - Police

“Along with the regular true complaints, we are even receiving a few of the fake complaints on the syringe psycho. However upon proper enquiry, we found those were not related to this case,” the police said.

As of now, more than 40 special teams are formed to hunt the syringe psycho. The investigation is going on at a rapid speed.


What is the intention of Syringe Psycho to prick men too?

In the beginning it was estimated that, Psringe psycho is only concentrating on the girls and the women, but after he attacked even the men, then the issue went more viral than usual. The intention of the psycho, performing such pricking is not able to be known, but a few opine that, he is just playing a prank with the people, and a few others say, pricking the men with the syringe, is just to divert the issue.

However, the exact intention of the syringe psycho can be found, only upon catching hold of him and on the other side, the new issue worrying the public is, allegedly, the new sketch released on the syringe psycho, is not matching with the old ones. So identifying him, keeping in mind two sketches, would obviously be the toughest job. So the public is asking the officials to clarify the exact sketch.

(Video Source: TV9)

By Phanindra

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