• First phase of electios started.  Panchayat elections, Panchayat elections in AP, elections in 5803 panchayats today, Panchayats

    Elections in 5803 Panchayats today 23 July 2013

    First phase of Panchayat Elections started at 7.00 am which will continue till 1.00 pm. Counting of votes will start at 2.00 pm.  Counting of votes will begin with Ward Members and after that counting will take place in case...

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    KCR latest, KCR next, 9200 panchayat secretaries for focused governance in telangana, Panchayats

    9200 Panchayat Secretaries For Focused Governance In Telangana 23 July 2018

    9200 Panchayat Secretaries For Focused Governance In Telangana:- Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who earlier announced that he would appoint Secretaries for Panchayats kept his promise. He announced that 9200 villages will be appointed Secretaries to ensure a focused...

    Keywords: KCR, KCR, KCR next, KCR

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    Samajwadi Party, Khap, akhilesh yadav not to tolerate khap panchayats if they obstruct freedom, Panchayats

    Akhilesh Yadav not to tolerate Khap panchayats if they obstruct freedom 25 July 2012

    Akhilesh Yadav had reacted harshly agains the Khap panchayats after the incident in Bagphat. He said that he would no longer tolerate any action that would curb the freedom of the people. He has also mentioned that he would  not...

    Keywords: Khap, Akhilesh Yadav, Uttarakhand, Samajwadi Party

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    21441 panchayats in AP, 129005 Sarpanch contestants, panchayat elections hype in the state, Panchayats

    Panchayat Elections Hype in the State 15 July 2013

    Panchayat elections being held in Andhra Pradesh after two years assumed importance all over the State.  Although political interference is not supposed to exist in the local body elections, it became unavoidable as reports received from many places. The elections...

    Keywords: 21441 panchayats in AP, Panchayat Elections in AP 2013, Panchayat Elections in 3 phases, Panchayat Elections in AP 2013

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    II Phase polling of Panchayat elections concluded, II Phase Panchayat elections 2013 of AP, panchayat elections counting continues, Panchayats

    Panchayat elections counting continues 27 July 2013

    In the II Phase polling of the Panchayat elections concluded this afternoon, counting of votes began at 2pm. The polling includes a total of 916 Panchayats. Firstly, the vote counting for the different wards will take place, after which the...

    Keywords: belt shops closed for elections, belt shops closed for elections, State Election Officer, II Phase polling of Panchayat elections concluded

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    hormonal imbalance, Khap Panchayat, khap panchayats weird reasoning for rapes in state, Panchayats

    Khap Panchayats' weird reasoning for rapes in state 16 October 2012

    Khap Panchayat in Jind, Haryana has yet again made the news for blaming chowmein to be the reason for the rapes in the state. They mentioned that eating chowmein caused hormonal imbalance blinding the consumers with lust. "To my understanding,...

    Keywords: hormonal imbalance, Khap Panchayat, hormonal imbalance, Khap Panchayat

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    Gau Rakshaks, Asaduddin Owaisi, gau rakshaks should be banned asaduddin owaisi, Panchayats

    'Gau Rakshaks Should be Banned': Asaduddin Owaisi 29 September 2016

    The Hyderabad parliamentarian held a meeting at the party headquarters in Darussalaam. During the meet, they responded to questions posed by media persons on the Centre's decision to introduce progress panchayats (PP), an outreach program targeted at the minorities. Asaduddin...

    Keywords: Modi government, Modi government, Modi government, progress panchayats

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    state election commission gram panchayat, state election commission gram panchayat, telangana panchayat elections from jan 21 no evms to be used, Panchayats

    Telangana Panchayat Elections from Jan 21, No EVMs to Be Used 02 January 2019

    The schedule for the Telangana panchayat elections has been announced Tuesday by the Telangana State Election Commission, which will be carried out without the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). The elections will be held in three phases on January...

    Keywords: elections in telangana, telangana panchayat elections, telangana polling, gram panchayats in telangana state

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    Flood hit Panchayats elections rescheduled, Incidents in panchayat polls, panchayat poll updates at 12 00 pm, Panchayats

    Panchayat poll updates at 12.00 pm 23 July 2013

    In spite of the rain voters in Nizamabad district are queuing to franchise their vote in the Panchayat elections. The contesting candidates are helping the old and sick who cannot move to reach the polling stations.  25% of the polling...

    Keywords: Flood hit Panchayats elections rescheduled, Panchayat elections, Panchayat polls 2013 in AP, Panchayat poll updates in AP

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    State election commission officer Ramakanth Reddy, Election of Upa Sarpanch, panchayats elections schedule, Panchayats

    Panchayats elections schedule 03 July 2013

    State election commission officer Ramakanth Reddy today announced the schedule for gram panchayat elections in Andhra Pradesh. With a space of four days each, the elections will take place in three stages for 2,17,578 wards of 21, 491 Panchayats. The...

    Keywords: panchayats election schedule, Gram panchayat elections, panchayats election schedule, State election commission officer Ramakanth Reddy

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    hooghly, birbhum, mamata sweeps bengal panchayat polls, Panchayats

    Mamata sweeps Bengal Panchayat polls 30 July 2013

    Trinamool Congress,West Bengal's ruling, experienced boisterous manner towards a massive victory in the rural polls, regarded as a curtain raiser to the next general elections as well as the biggest test of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's popularity since she approached...

    Keywords: three-tier rural council system, trinamool's success story, cooch behar, west bengal panchayat election

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    panchayat election cases 906, State Election Officer, panchayat elections 2nd phase started, Panchayats

    Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase Started 27 July 2013

    Second phase of Panchayat elections started, as announced earlier, for 6971 Panchayats in the State.  The Election Commission identified 1910 Polling stations as problematic to deal with which the commission made arrangements of CC Cameras to review the situation and...

    Keywords: 6971 panchayat to poll, Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase, State Election Officer, State Election Officer

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    1910 problamatic panchayats, 1910 problamatic panchayats, panchayat elections analysis, Panchayats

    Panchayat Elections- Analysis 27 July 2013

    No. of Pachayats So far Declared       -    1708 (At the time of writing this) Congress Party wins at 534 panchayats, TDP at 447, YSRCP 269, TRS 90, Left Parties 13 and others 355. So far Congress party is in the...

    Keywords: Panchayat Elections Analysis, belt shops closed for elections, Navin Mittal, belt shops closed for elections

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    Telangana new panchayats, Telangana latest, 4383 new panchayats in telangana, Panchayats

    4383 New Panchayats In Telangana 02 August 2018

    4383 New Panchayats In Telangana:- Telangana state will be getting 4383 new panchayats and they would be operational from Thursday. Telangana Government revealed that they fulfilled a major promise which has been announced during the elections. This would turn out...

    Keywords: Telangana, TRS, Telangana latest, Telangana updates

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    , Khap Panchayats, mamatha condemns negative journalism for glorifying rapes, Panchayats

    Mamatha condemns negative journalism for glorifying rapes 16 October 2012

    Haryana Ministers have earlier given bizarre and never expected reasons blaming the Chinese fast foods for the rapes in the state and now it is the turn of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamatha Banerjee to give her explanations of the...

    Keywords: , Mamata Banerjee, Haryana Ministers, Mamata Banerjee

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    KTR latest news, KTR updates, ktr wants trs to be stronger and humble, Panchayats

    KTR Wants TRS To Be Stronger And Humble 05 January 2019

    KTR Wants TRS To Be Stronger And Humble:- After emerging as a winner in the Assembly polls in Telangana, TRS now shifted focus on panchayat elections which are scheduled for this month. TRS Working President K Taraka Rama Rao (KTR)...

    Keywords: KTR latest, KTR about polls, Telangana panchayat polls, Telangana panchayat polls

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    State Election Officer, belt shops closed for elections, panchayat polling updates at 9 30, Panchayats

    Panchayat Polling updates at 9.30 27 July 2013

    Voters of Medikonduru ST Colony in Guntur District kept away from the elections in protest of the apathy of the authorities in solving their problems. Polling started half hour late in Kodumuru, Chintakani Mandal due to the delay of thepolling...

    Keywords: Panchayat Polling updates, State Election Officer, State Election Officer, Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase

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    Elections for 6971 Panchayats, State Election Commissioner, geared up for 2nd phase panchayat elections, Panchayats

    Geared Up For 2nd Phase Panchayat Elections 26 July 2013

    The State Election Commissioner Navin Mittal said that the arrangements were over for the second phase of the Panchayat elections to be conducted tomorrow. In the second phase Elections are to be conducted in 6971 Panchayats.  1910 CC Cameras are...

    Keywords: Navin Mittal, State Election Commissioner, Navin Mittal, Elections for 6971 Panchayats

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    Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase, Navin Mittal, ii phase polling concluded, Panchayats

    II Phase Polling concluded 27 July 2013

    Barring some minor incidents, the II phase of Panchayat elections concluded peacefully. Although the time is up at 1.00 pm for franchising votes, the voters already reached polling stations and waiting in the queues are allowed as per the State...

    Keywords: belt shops closed for elections, panchayat election cases 906, Panchayat Elections 2nd Phase, belt shops closed for elections

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