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    More planets outside our Solar System 27 February 2014

    NASA found 715 planets outside our solar system which are called exoplanets.  Those exoplanets are found in groups revolving around stars of their own.  305 stars are found that are Suns to these exoplanets which means more worlds are there...

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    WASP-76b latest, WASP-76b latest, scientists locate wasp 76b a new planet that rains iron, New planets

    Scientists Locate WASP-76b, A New Planet That Rains Iron 12 March 2020

    Scientists Locate WASP-76b, A New Planet That Rains Iron:- The astronomers found an ultra-hot giant planet in the constellation where they predict as rains iron. This finding says that it is a better way of studying the climate of the...

    Keywords: WASP-76b news, WASP-76b next, rain iron planet, WASP-76b updates

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    Circumbinary planets, Circumbinary planets, two new planets discovered orbiting double suns, New planets

    Two New Planets Discovered Orbiting Double Suns 12 January 2012

    The newly confirmed planets, called Kepler-34b and Kepler-35b, were announced in January 11 online edition of the journal Nature, said Eric B. Ford, UF associate professor of astronomy. William F. Welsh, associate professor at San Diego State University, is the...

    Keywords: Low density planets., Low density planets., Sci tech news, Planets Discovered

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