Scientists Locate WASP-76b, A New Planet That Rains Iron

March 12, 2020 15:09
Scientists Locate WASP-76b, A New Planet That Rains Iron

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Scientists Locate WASP-76b, A New Planet That Rains Iron:- The astronomers found an ultra-hot giant planet in the constellation where they predict as rains iron. This finding says that it is a better way of studying the climate of the planets that are outside the solar system. It is heard that the giant exoplanet named as WASP-76b is located at a distance that would take 640 light years to reach our planet earth. The planet has a temperature of 2400 degree celsius which is high enough to vaporise the metals. This is as per the study conducted by the University of Geneva, Switzerland and is published in the journal Nature.

This planet is said to rain after the strong winds in the evenings carry iron vapour which soon turn into iron droplets. The planet is tidally locked and it takes long time to rotate around its axis. It is also heard that the planet receives thousands of times more radiation from its parent star. WASP-76b takes 43 hours to complete one revolution as per the researchers and their study. This is the first time scientists located chemical variations in an ultra-hot planet.

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