• power cut problems in andhra pradesh, it hut andhra pradesh, aam aadmi in andhra pradesh suffers due to power cuts, Nawab

    Aam Aadmi in Andhra Pradesh suffers due to power cuts 26 March 2013

    Come summer, your relatives residing out of Andhra Pradesh would straight away say 'no' the moment you invite them to come home in summer.  There are actually many factors over the same. The first one being the high mercury levels...

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    Hyderabad Deccan Cultural Ambassador, Hyderabad Nawab, hyd s nawab shah alam khan passes away, Nawab

    Hyd’s Nawab Shah Alam Khan Passes Away 23 October 2017

    Hyd’s Nawab Shah Alam Khan Passes Away:- One of Hyderabad’s royals, Nawab Shah Alam Khan (96) passed away early morning on Monday. He was considered to be a cultural ambassador of Hyderabad Deccan. Alam Khan, was widely respected in the...

    Keywords: Hyderabad Deccan Cultural Ambassador, Nawab Shah Alam Khan, Hyderabad Nawab, Nawab Shah Alam Khan

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    India-Pakistan ties, Anjera Kalat, balochs can never become slaves of india says balochistan cm nawab sanaullah zehri, Nawab

    Balochs Can Never Become Slaves Of India, Says Balochistan CM Nawab Sanaullah Zehri 17 April 2017

    The Chief Minister of Balochistan, Mr. Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, yesterday, said that the Balochs can never become "slaves" of India at the behest of certain "elements", propagating enemy's agenda" in the province. He further stated that, Balochs live in Pakistan...

    Keywords: Balochistan, Balochistan CM, Militancy, Militancy

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    bad traffic in Hyderabad, traffic jams in Hyderabad, lost charm of nawabi city, Nawab

    Lost charm of Nawabi City 18 July 2012

    Just like how a coin has two sides, the rainy season in Hyderabad has two shades. On a brighter side, rains bring respite from hot summer and on the dull side rains cause havoc. Although Hyderabad is on par with...

    Keywords: Nawabi City, bad traffic in Hyderabad, Nawabi City, bad traffic in Hyderabad

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    Coronation, headlines, saif adores pataudi people sentiment anointed as the nawab, Nawab

    Saif adores Pataudi people sentiment, anointed as the Nawab 01 November 2011

    Saif Ali Khan the Bollywood actor and the legal heir of the erstwhile Pataudi kingdom has been anointed the tenth Nawab of Pataudi at a ceremony at his ancestral palace at Patuadi on Moday, over a month after his father...

    Keywords: Coronation, The buzz, Sharmila Tagore, Hot topics store

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    , , nawab pre release event photos, Nawab

    Nawab Pre Release Event Photos 25 September 2018

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    Kareena Kapoor Khan, Is Kareena observing 'roza', kareena and her ramadan issues, Nawab

    Kareena and her Ramadan issues 29 July 2013

    While the entire Bollywood clan is busy throwing and attending 'Iftar' parties, the scene seems quite different for the newly wed actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. This will be Kareena's first Ramadan, after she tied the knot with Chote Nawab Saif...

    Keywords: Ramadan, Iftar parties, Kareena and her Ramadan issues, Kareena Kapoor

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    Sitarampuram, rainfall, low lying areas are the most affected, Nawab

    Low lying areas are the most affected 28 August 2010

    A little rainfall every now and then is spelling trouble for scores of Hyderabadis. Whenever rain lashes the city, those residing in low lying areas are the most affected with rainwater entering their homes.Blame it on poor drainage system or...

    Keywords: Sitarampuram, rain lashes the city, drainage water, rainfall

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    Hyderabad, Seemandhra, we are hyderabadis, Nawab

    We are Hyderabadis! 01 August 2013

    After the state's division, there is confusion over what some would call their state. Hyderabad is home to lakhs of people from a wide range of backgrounds who settled here long ago. Not just cultural diversity, Hyderabad has a unique...

    Keywords: Hyderabad, Telangana, Fate of Hyderabad, Hyderabad common capital.

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    Sufi Singer, Kavitha Seth, nawabi fest boondon ka paigham, Nawab

    Nawabi fest: Boondon ka Paigham 11 July 2012

    Imagine the combination of Jaswinder Singh with Ghazals and Sufi singer Kavitha Seth performance. It is awesome for music lovers and supposed to be an important event in personal almanac. The event is scheduled at 7pm on July12 in Marriott...

    Keywords: @ Hyderabad., Cisne For Arts and Perfect Harmony Productions, Cisne For Arts and Perfect Harmony Productions, Cisne For Arts and Perfect Harmony Productions

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    Swati Sen, Swati Sen, antardwand a real art house item, Nawab

    Antardwand - A real art house item 05 September 2010

    Movie Review : ANTARDWANDCast :  Raj Singh Chaudhary, Vinay Pathak, Swati Sen, Akhilendra MishraDirector : Sushil Rajpal  Music :  Bapi, Tutul Bollywood gets real, reel after reel, week after week. After Peepli (Live), it’s time to get more serious amidst...

    Keywords: Sushil Rajpal Music: Bapi, Antardwand Movie Review, Himanshi,

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    Saif Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan, saif ali khan 10th nawab of pataudi, Nawab

    Saif Ali Khan: 10th Nawab of Pataudi 22 October 2011

    As Saif Ali Khan who's also known as Chhote Nawab will soon be honored the tenth Nawab of Pataudi. However, since the title was extinguished years back, Saif makes it clear the ceremony is only to keep the sentiments of the...

    Keywords: Nawab, , Saif Ali Khan, 10th

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    Hyderabad, Chandrababu Naidu, chandrababu naidu a man with a vision, Nawab

    Chandrababu Naidu-a man with a vision 20 April 2012

    "Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps, down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision" - Ayn Rand Nara Chandrababu Naidu, who is often referred to as Babu by locals and Mr. Naidu by others,...

    Keywords: TDP Prasident, Chandrababu Naidu, TDP Prasident, chandrababu naidu birthday

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    Arvind Swami Nawab Movie Review, Nawab Movie Story, nawab movie review rating story cast crew, Nawab

    Nawab Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast & Crew 27 September 2018

    Nawab is all about Senapathi (Prakash Raj) who establishes himself as a don who controls mafia. He has three sons Varadha (Aravind Swamy) Thyagu (Arun Vijay) and Ethi (Simbu) who are aspirants and they wait eagerly feeling that they are...

    Keywords: Nawab Movie Story, Nawab Movie Tweets, Arvind Swami Nawab Movie Review, Nawab Movie Tweets

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    , , hyderabad nawabs 2 press meet, Nawab

    Hyderabad Nawabs 2 Press Meet 18 July 2019

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    Simbu, Jayasudha, nawab trailer intense and realistic, Nawab

    Nawab Trailer: Intense And Realistic 25 August 2018

    Nawab Trailer: Intense And Realistic:- Mani Ratnam is in plans to bounce back to the league after a series of debacles. The ace director has been criticized badly for his work for the poor performance of his recent movies. He...

    Keywords: Madras Talkies, Nawab, Mani Ratnam, Arun Vijay

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    Captain Nawab, Emraan Hashmi news, emraan hashmi s captain nawab, Nawab

    Emraan Hashmi’s Captain Nawab 26 August 2016

    Talented actor Emraan Hashmi who has been known for his romantic acts has been trying out new in Bollywood from the past few years. However he has been struggling for commercial success as his recent movies turned out to be...

    Keywords: Emraan Hashmi new film, Emraan Hashmi next film, Emraan Hashmi updates, Emraan Hashmi new film

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    , emergency landing, indian plane lands in pakistan on emergency, Nawab

    Indian plane lands in Pakistan, on emergency 09 July 2012

    As per reports an Air India flight which was returning back to New Delhi from Abu Dhabi made an emergency landing in Pakistan. Sources confirm that the 122 passengers of the flight are safe and the government carrier is sending...

    Keywords: emergency landing, Nawabshah airport, Pakistan,

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    city of yummy biryani, Nawabi city, cost of living in hyderabad on par with bangalore, Nawab

    Cost of living in Hyderabad on par with Bangalore 06 July 2012

    Nawabi city Hyderabad, which is set amidst south India, has been known for its wonderful hospitality for the past 400 years. The city, which was named Bhagyanagaram earlier, was a city of wealth, richness and royalty. While the wealth was...

    Keywords: Irani Chai, Nawabi city, cost of living, Hyderabad

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    Annual Budget sessions., Annual Budget sessions., live mudslinging in corporation jaipur, Nawab

    Live mudslinging in Corporation, Jaipur 14 February 2012

    The members of the Jaipur Municipal Corporation created havoc in the meeting with the two rival parties resorting to dirt throwing and lively combat. The unfortunate mayor who is bogged down by many a controversy, has added another to the...

    Keywords: Roshan Saini, unruly house, Annual Budget sessions., Jaipur Municipal Corporation

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