Lost charm of Nawabi City

July 18, 2012 11:45
Lost charm of Nawabi City

Just like how a coin has two sides, the rainy season in Hyderabad has two shades. On a brighter side, rains bring respite from hot summer and on the dull side rains cause havoc. Although Hyderabad is on par with IT capital Bengaluru in terms of development and information technology, one look at Hyderabad's busy centres between 6 pm and 9 pm during rainy season clearly holds mirror up to the negligence of so called politicians, who often claim that they developed Nawabi city.


---Hyderabad in 1880s: Nizam's procession in today's MJ Road

Hyderabad, which has a history of over 400 years, was once a very beautiful city with road side gardens and pleasant atmosphere besides good drainage system. But things changed from good to bad. Fly overs might have popped up but that doesn't make the city developed. People in the city literally witness the worst whenever there's a heavy downpour. Even on fly-over, the traffic gets completed blocked. And the situation of pedestrians would be the worst. There are no proper footpaths for pedestrians to walk in many parts of the city. And whenever a bus halts at the stop, the situation will turn chaotic. Motor cyclists try to take the deteriorated footpaths to overtake the heavy vehicles while four wheelers drivers will be busy blowing horns.


Above all, whenever there's even a small rain,  roads will be completely inundated that leave no scope and place for passengers to stand in bus stops and board the buses. Is it the development that politicians boast about Hyderabad? In order to meet the demands of ever increasing traffic, it is the need of the hour for authorities to widen and increase the height of the roads besides laying footpaths and ensuring that motorcyclists don't use these footpaths to reach their destinations faster.


Already Hyderabad is slowing losing its charm due to bad traffic and worst roads. If the same continues, then there are even chances that none would prefer to come to Hyderabad.

(AW Phani)

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