• Relation tips, Intimacy, love counts not lust, Love tips

    Love counts, not lust! 19 May 2015

    When our partner is not interested in intimacy in few situations, we should not force them to do it. Because, it is in those situations, where your actual loyalty comes out. It should be noted an intimacy with our partners...

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    romance tips, Love tips, love her in public, Love tips

    Love her in public 30 April 2015

    Generally the  girls prefer to take love than to give. But guys should be careful and make sure that she is completely comfortable with the way you love her. Firstly, girls like the guys who treat them special in public....

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    caring tips, Love tips, happiness is celebrating silly days, Love tips

    Happiness is celebrating silly days 08 May 2015

    We remember the birthdays, marriage days and some other big days of our loved ones and celebrate them accordingly. But along with those days, if some other days are reminded like  where you are naughty or went mad of your...

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    love tips, fun, paani puri is better than a boyfriend, Love tips

    Paani Puri is better than a boyfriend 01 June 2015

    In any relation, there would be love, emotions, quarrels, breakups and more. Generally, the girls would face more headaches in life, compared to the boys. In those cases, why to choose a boyfriend when you have a better choice like...

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    romance tips, romance tips, 5 tips for a perfect first kiss, Love tips

    5 tips for a perfect first kiss 30 June 2015

    The first kiss. Who would be an exception to avoid it. Whatever range of romance we have in our lives, the first kiss that we give our partner always occupies a high significance. So make it memorable in such a...

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    Love tips, Romance tips, lie your partner in these situations, Love tips

    Lie your partner in these situations 27 May 2015

    To protect few relations, it is true that telling a lie is not a big crime. But, we should make sure that the lie we told is just to save our relationship but not to deceive them.Example: Imagine that you...

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    Love tips, Love tips, never leave the person who can console you, Love tips

    Never leave the person who can console you 01 May 2015

    In the odd situations, whenever we cry, we expect the people to console us. Actually we want them to be back of us asking for the reason. Few people though come to you and ask for the reason once or twice,...

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    Romance tips, Romance tips, stay with them even they are wrong, Love tips

    Stay with them even they are wrong 22 May 2015

    When you promise your partner that you shall be with them in some odd situations in life, make sure you withstand for it.Because, in life there would be such problems where only one of the partner suffers from it and...

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    love tips, Romance tips, cooking best way to express romance, Love tips

    Cooking, best way to express Romance 04 May 2015

    Guys, if you don't know to cook and still wanted to feed your girl, express her your thoughts by practical activities but not by words. Try chopping the vegetables in inappropriate manner, attempt to put them on stove. If the...

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    Feelings, Relations, share your feelings to kill ego, Love tips

    Share your feelings to kill ego! 20 May 2015

    Everyone of us loves to have the people who can fall behind us. Though we love them, we still try to expect it to express from our partners on us, but, we do not like to take the initiative. Before...

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    How to fix a broken relationship?, how to strengthen relationship between the partners, tips to fix a broken relationship, Love tips

    Tips to fix a broken relationship 29 July 2015

    Relationships are so delicate and one must be careful to hold them longer. Usually minor issues and simple misunderstandings can break relationship at any point of time. To avoid them the partners must make adjustments, forgiveness and understanding. If anyone...

    Keywords: tips to strengthen relationship, Secret tips to strengthen broken relationship, tips to strengthen relationship, Secret tips to strengthen broken relationship

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    Love tips, Personality development, life is an mp3 player rewind it, Love tips

    Life is an MP3 player, rewind it 28 April 2015

    Did you ever count the number of days you have been on this earth ?, most of them give the answer 'No' for this. But did you count the number of memorable moments in your life ?, the majority give...

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    home to make your guy to fall in love, How to win a guy’s heart?, here is a way to win a guy s heart, Love tips

    Here is a way to win a guy’s heart! 03 June 2015

    Do you like someone? Are you looking to draw his attention towards you? If you are in this situation and finding ways to approach him, then, follow these simple tips to get the man of your dreams. Exchanging glances: Eye...

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    Love tips, Love tips, need not compromise but understand, Love tips

    Need not compromise, but understand 13 May 2015

    Is your partner matured and expect the same from you? Are you naughty and expect your partner to be so? Then this tip is for you.You need  not change change or compromise on your behavior, but make them realize how...

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    romance tips, romance tips, 5 tricks to know if he is serious about you, Love tips

    5 tricks to know, if he is serious about you 25 March 2016

    Many doubts you have on your partner, where you cannot dare to ask him, for the fear of losing him. But what more can you do? Can you afford to sacrifice your life, after knowing later, that he is a...

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    before marriage, before marriage, things girls should know about guys before marriage, Love tips

    Things girls should know about guys, before marriage 03 February 2016

    Every married couple, would think that, they would have known a few things about their partner before marriage. If  at all you are unhappy with him, after marriage, though you repent, there would be no use. But if you are...

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    arguments with women tips, love and relationship articles, what not to do while arguing with women, Love tips

    What not to do while arguing with women 07 May 2016

    Fighting with women is not a new thing to the men. In fact, no man would escape from having it with his woman. Here I am not going to be teacher and teach you not to fight, but can suggest...

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    Organising tips, Organising tips, rewind your mind, Love tips

    Rewind your mind 11 May 2015

    Generally when we are alone and bored, we sit idle and think about the regular day to day tensions and starts worrying as usual. But realise that it is actually the time where you can recollect some special things in...

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    relationship tips, love tips, do this when you are avoided by someone, Love tips

    Do this when you are avoided by someone 07 July 2015

    When you feel that, you are being avoided by your loved ones and there is no other solution other than being far away from them, in those situations follow the below tip, which might be genuinely suitable to anyone.Also read:...

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    love tips, caring tips, doubt your partner s love do this way, Love tips

    Doubt your partner's love ? do this way 05 May 2015

    If you wanted to find out whether your partner is loving you really or not, just do it this way.Note the things that you generally do to make your partner happy. Be sure that your partner is liking that activities...

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