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  • Global Life Expectancy, Global Life Expectancy, global life expectancy increases by 6 years, Life expectancy

    Global Life Expectancy increases by 6 years 18 December 2014

    According to Global Burden of Disease study, people are living six years longer than 25 years ago as the global life expectancy increased by 6 percent. Among men the increase is 5.8 percent while in Women it is 6.6 percent...

    Keywords: Life Expectancy, Life Expectancy, Human Life Expectancy, Lancet Medical Journal

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    Sitting Rise Test (SRT), Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo, simple test to measure life expectancy, Life expectancy

    Simple Test To Measure Life Expectancy 05 December 2013

    It is a common point of interest among elderly people to know how long they will live. A Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo came up with a simple test by which he could measure the life expectancy of his patients....

    Keywords: Life Expectancy, Sitting Rise Test (SRT), Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo, Sitting Rise Test (SRT)

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    life expectancy, unhealthy, life expectancy surges in india, Life expectancy

    Life expectancy surges in India 14 December 2012

    Clap your hands in joy and tap yourselves on the shoulders for being successful. A recent survey by the Global Burden of Disease study, in 2010, has revealed the facts that Indians now live up to 18 years longer than...

    Keywords: , average indian, indian life expectancy, life expectancy

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    oldest person in the world, countries with highest life expectancy, meet the oldest person in the world, Life expectancy

    Meet the oldest person in the world 07 December 2012

    According to Guinness Book of World Records , Dina Manfredini A 115-year-old woman in Iowa of United States has become the world's oldest living person. Guinness World Records posted on its website on December 5th  that Dina Manfredini of Johnston,...

    Keywords: , african HIV/AIDS epidemic, oldest person in the world,

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