Life expectancy surges in India

December 14, 2012 16:22
Life expectancy surges in India

Clap your hands in joy and tap yourselves on the shoulders for being successful. A recent survey by the Global Burden of Disease study, in 2010, has revealed the facts that Indians now live up to 18 years longer than 40 years ago. We have evolved but have we evolved in the right direction?

According to recent reports, the Life Expectancy of an average Indian male is 63 years while women can live 67.5 years which is a 15 and 18 years longer than the life expectancy calculated in 1970.

Not to burst your bubble but there is more to worry about than be happy. The final years of the Indians are not all smooth. On an average, an Indian male is healthy only till 54.6 years which means he is spending the last 9 years in poor health. The gain in Life Expectancy is now more of a concern than a happy news.

The women have more to worry than the men as she is more likely to be in poor health for over 10 years.

The study has been the largest study ever that had considered the completely distribution of the diseases, injuries and other health risks all over the world. Though we live longer than our ancestors on an average now, the lifespan is still far lesser than the American and Chinese counterparts.

(AW- Anil)


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