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    Mirror mirror, which beauty secret is the best? 24 September 2013

    In the eternal quest for ethereal beauty, we indulge in countless tips to do the trick. That magical aura of loveliness is the result of not thousands but only a few religiously followed rituals. To know which beauty secret is...

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    cottons are best for summer, juices, summer on the way, Juices

    Summer on the way... 15 February 2013

    Winter is on of course, but coming up is more dangerous... it is summer boss. Not many days left... while taking care of your health in winter, prepare for summer health care as well; It is better to stay indoors...

    Keywords: cottons are best for summer, cool drinks, apply sun screen, apply sun screen

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    tips for sinus, fruit juices benefits, get over that sinus problem, Juices

    Get over that sinus problem 12 August 2013

    Sinus problems are one of those annoying issues that we can easily do away with. A blocked nose causes immense discomfort, keeping us from truly paying attention to whatever it is that we are doing. To keep the pesky sinus...

    Keywords: tips to cure sinus problem, lemon honey mix, fruit juices benefits, tips for sinus

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    hot drinks, soft drinks, screw driver, Juices

    Screw Driver 20 August 2010

    The earliest written reference to the Screwdriver is from the October 24, 1949"In the dimly lighted bar of the sleek Park Hotel, Turkish intelligence agents mingle with American engineers and Balkan refugees, drinking the latest Yankee concoction of vodka and...

    Keywords: soft drinks, orange juice, orange juice, types of cocktails

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    Energetic from am to pm 22 March 2013

    If you want to work with the same energy levels all through the day or possess the same mind set, not reacting to the situations much, you need to keep a check on what you are eating; Of course, it...

    Keywords: energy levels, energetic, keera, milk

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    Weight loss, recipes, healthy juices to lose weight, Juices

    Healthy Juices to lose weight 25 August 2016

    Everyone wants to lose weight. Apart from food even juices help to lose weight. Here are some weights lose juices: 1. Carrot and Grapefruit Smoothie Carrots are extremely low in calories and high in fiber that makes carrot juice a...

    Keywords: recipes, Weight loss, Weight loss, recipes

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    nutrients, Sugar craving, sugar cravings, Juices

    Sugar cravings? 01 April 2013

    It is a challenge everyday to have food cravings and fight them. Oftentimes I find myself wanting some sugar confectionary or something very sweet. In fact, the sweets that we eat have lots of processed sugar that is much sweeter...

    Keywords: , Sugar craving, Sugar craving, nutrients

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    beef, nutrients, the actual bliss of motherhood through proper diet, Juices

    The actual bliss of motherhood through proper diet! 27 November 2012

    motherhood. You've gained a new little bundle of joy-and to go with it, some extra pounds. Don't let food worries add to your stress and sleepless nights as you adjust to your new schedule. We sought out the best foods...

    Keywords: rich food, motherhood, iron, rich food

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    Some more add on’s for your better health 11 January 2013

    Transforming your life is a healthy way to lead a good life style. Apart from all the health tips you know and follow these are some more health tips that can help you lead a better life style; No matter...

    Keywords: juices minus suger, gain weight, breakfast, loss weight

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