A Study That Explains About The Heart Disease Risk

September 15, 2022 19:53
A Study That Explains About The Heart Disease Risk

A Study That Explains About The Heart Disease Risk:- In this modern world, there is no age limit for heart attacks. Stress has been killing several youngsters through heart attacks and heart related issues. It is very important to keep the digestive tract clear for regular bowel movements as the body waste and toxins have to be sent out. A new research told that toilet habits can indicate several health issues. Experts from China established a link between the frequency of pooping and risk of kidney, heart disases. Experts from the Peking University suggested pooping less than once in a day can lead to a high risk of heart related problems. Less than three poops in a week can be associated with high risk of kidney or heart-related diseases.

The experts revealed that taking one trip for the loo or poop is the healthiest. Fewer bowel movements have a risk of constipation but the experts said that they are unsure about the heart risk involved. The study has been conducted on 5 lakh healthy people aged between 30 and 79 for ten years. The bowel movement frequencies are tracked. Some of them go to loo thrice in a day and there are many people who go for four times and more. Here are some of the symptoms:

Extreme fatigue
Unexplained weight loss
Pain or lump in the tummy
Change in bowel habits - need to go more often than normal
Blood in the poop
Losing weight

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