• Facebook launches new mobile applications, Kevin D’Souza., facebook launches new mobile applications in indian languages, Gujarati

    Facebook launches new mobile applications in Indian languages 05 April 2012

    On Tuesday March 3 Facebook declared the launch of its mobile applications in three languages globally as Hindi, Malay and Vietnamese.In India initially the mobile users will be able to access in eight different languages as Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi,...

    Keywords: Facebook launches new mobile applications, Gujarati, Indian languages, Gujarati

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    tiffin recipes, tiffin recipes, gujarati bajra vada recipe, Gujarati

    Gujarati Bajra vada recipe 27 October 2015

    Here is the detailed recipe of Gujarati Bajra vada recipe. Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 20 mins Total time: 30 mins Ingredients for Gujarati Bajra vada 1 cup bajra flour2 tbsp whole wheat flour2 tbsp curd1 green chili +...

    Keywords: breakfast recipes, Gujarati Bajra vada recipe, Gujarati Bajra vada recipe, breakfast recipes

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    Hot Buzz, Reimagining India: Unlocking The Potential of Asia's Next Superpower, butter chicken caused fear to birla s global expose, Gujarati

    Butter Chicken caused fear to Birla's global expose 21 January 2014

    India's business tycoon Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of Aditya Birla Group has faced a severe challenge in expanding his business globally. But this challenge came in the form of serving non-veg at Birla's canteen as they belong to the Marwari...

    Keywords: typical Gujarati community, Mukesh Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Hot Buzz

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    gujarati ekta sammelan, garbha dance, curtain raiser for gujarati miss and mistress, Gujarati

    Curtain raiser for Gujarati Miss and Mistress 05 May 2013

    A colorful group Gujarati ladies in traditional wear stolen the show in the curtain raiser for Gujarai Miss and Mistress program and Gujarati Ekta Sammelan organized by Gujarati Association in Hyderabad at Himayatnagar. Gujarati traditional dance of Garbha Dance performed...

    Keywords: gujarati ekta sammelan, gujarati miss and mistress, garbha dance, gujarati traditional wear

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    milking, milking, crorepati gujrati milkmaid, Gujarati

    Crorepati Gujrati Milkmaid 07 July 2012

    Ramilaben 43 year old Govindbhai Patel is an uneducated Gujarati woman and yet she earns one crore rupees per annum which is at least 10 times higher than a well paid software engineer. But what is her profession? She milks...

    Keywords: milking, gujarati, Milk maid, Milk maid

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    originality in music, Ooh La La, disco king stresses on originality in music, Gujarati

    'Disco king' stresses on originality in music... 28 February 2013

    While having a conversation with the debatable 'disco king' Bappi Lahiri on Bollywood music today, during his recent visit to Vadodara and the chubby musician breaks into Ooh La La and says with a smile that it has become an...

    Keywords: Gujarat, Bappi Lahiri, originality in music, Ooh La La

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    hot policy of BJP, statement of Rajnath Singh, take it cool and drop finding it hot policy of bjp, Gujarati

    Take it cool and drop finding it hot policy of BJP 27 June 2013

    Take it cool and drop finding it hot policy of BJP is evident in the statement of the party President Rajnath Singh yesterday. Rajnath Singh negates the news of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s rescuing 15000 Gujaratis from Uttarakhand after...

    Keywords: BJP policy, statement of Rajnath Singh, hot policy of BJP, statement of Rajnath Singh

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    How to Make Chakli Crispy, Crispy Chakli Recipe, crispy chakli recipe, Gujarati

    Crispy Chakli Recipe 18 April 2017

    Chakli is a popular snack all throughout India. Chakli is a crispy and delicious snack that is prepared on festivals. It is perfect with a hot cup of tea. Let’s follow the recipe. Preparation Time: 5 min; Cooking Time: 45...

    Keywords: Crispy Chakli Recipe, How to Make Chakli Crispy, Chakli Recipe Gujarati, How to Make Chakli Crispy

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    Khakhra Recipe Step by Step, Khakhra Recipe Step by Step, gujarati style masala khakhra recipe, Gujarati

    Gujarati Style Masala Khakhra Recipe 26 October 2017

    Gujarati Style Masala Khakhra Recipe:- Masala Khakhra is a traditional Gujarati snack which is healthy and delicious. This khakhra is very easy to make with few ingredients. This Gujarati snack is crispy, crunchy, and tasty. Let’s follow this recipe. Ingredients...

    Keywords: Khakhra Recipe Step by Step, Homemade Khakhra Recipe, Homemade Khakhra Recipe, Gujarati Style Masala Khakhra Recipe

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    Gujarati film actress, gujarati item girl, casting couch raises its ugly heads in mumbai actress files complaint, Gujarati

    Casting couch raises its ugly heads in Mumbai & actress files complaint 15 October 2011

    The ugly heads of casting couch is the brunt the actress face in the beginning of the career, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes forcefully. But a recent incident involving an actress who has to her credit 15 years of experience and...

    Keywords: Andhrajoythi, Sakshi news paper online, Saksi News Headlines, Sakshi news paper online

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