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    5 tips to give 2nd life to kitchen scraps 03 May 2016

    Passionate about art work, but not able to allocate time, being busy in the kitchen? No issues, you can still bring out that zeal in you for the art, in the kitchen too, through the scraps. Here are the five...

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    8 Super Food Secrets for Healthy Skin 26 May 2011

    Want smooth, supple, wrinkle-free beautiful skin..?1. Egg Whites for protein to produce collagen. Egg whites have long been known as an immunity booster. 2. Pomegranate to soften your skin. A glass of natural, pure pomegranate juice is great, but try...

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    Fast 5 health tips 18 June 2015

    Follow these health tips. It does not require time or a procedure, but patience. Handle your phone with left hand.Avoid cool water while taking medicines.Avoid immediate sleep after taking medicines.After 5 pm, avoid taking heavy food quantity.Consume more water in...

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    ‘Dood aur Pani?’ 14 September 2011

    ‘Oh! My Mother – in – law. She is a big torture I tell you. She always wants what I am speaking to my husband, with whom I am on phone? Where I am going out, every time I step...

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    Breakfast and mental health 04 February 2012

    Parents, please note, just by adding a piece of an apple or a glass of hot milk to your child’s breakfast you could protect them from depression, anxiety and disobedience, a new study has claimed. A team at the Telethon...

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    5 food presentation tips 02 May 2016

    Not just cooking the tasty food, but even its presenting style is what that matters in the current generation. So, let us explore few food presentation tips. 1.  Never overcook food and ensure its natural color is undamaged. Make sure...

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    Here’s the reason to avoid restaurant food! 04 July 2015

    Many like to eat food at restaurants without knowing its disadvantages. Research revealed that people who eat at restaurants or fast food centres end up consuming about 200 additional calories than eaten at home. "People who ate at full-service restaurants...

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    Tips to stay away from Eating Junk Food 19 January 2022

    Tips to stay away from Eating Junk Food:- There are a lot of people among us who struggle to give up their habits that damage their health. Eating junk food is one bad habit that will have an impact on...

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    Mother Hood is no less than a Job! 30 November 2011

    ‘What a disgusting statement? Job is something that can be done or left as and when required. But, mother hood is a responsibility and is based on love and bonding with your own child born from your own womb. On...

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