5 tips to give 2nd life to kitchen scraps

May 03, 2016 13:52
5 tips to give 2nd life to kitchen scraps

Passionate about art work, but not able to allocate time, being busy in the kitchen? No issues, you can still bring out that zeal in you for the art, in the kitchen too, through the scraps. Here are the five such tips.      

1. Heel of bread into soup

Avoiding the heels from loaves of bread and consuming the middle part is what many does. But you can still use that heel for several purposes like making into breadcrumbs, tossing into soup as a thickener, using in bread pudding or a panzanella salad, and even placing in a container of hard brown sugar as a softener.

2. Tops of vegetables into salads

The tops of several vegetables like carrots and fennel can be blended into unique pesto or added to salads and the turnips, radishes and beets can be sauteed like spinach. So never trash off the tops of these vegetables.

3. Orange peels into tea, chicken

Orange peels can be used in the tea, chicken before roasting, vodka to give it a citrusy aroma or candy it for a sweet snack. Citrus peels can even be added to fireplace kindling for an aromatic fire.

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4. Rewarm half loaf bread to get back into its original state

Half loaf of bread, left overnight, was generally considered as stale even for the birds. But who knows that, soaking it in water and rewarming it, allows steam to form, and thus return the loaf back to its original state.

5. Pickle all the scrap vegetables in fridge

Unwilling to throw out several food items lingering in your fridge? Then here is a  trick. Be it cabbage with brown head, few radishes that are tough to cook, half red onion, mixing up all of them or in any combination, can be pickled in a simple brine of white vinegar, sugar, salt and water, which can tucked into sandwiches, tossed into the salads and grain bowls or can even be snacked on their own.

By Phani Ch

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