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  • RBI, Revenue, finance minister brainstorms on indian economy, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Finance Minister brainstorms on Indian economy 19 August 2013

    Indian Finance Minister P Chidambaram has taken up an assessment of the current economic situation in the country in a meeting with heads of various departments. The purpose of the 3 hour long meeting was to brainstorm on ways to...

    Keywords: Department of Economic Affairs., Financial services, Rupee value, Disinvestment

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    Import Duty, Finance Minister Chidambaram, gold coins disappear from banks, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Gold Coins Disappear From Banks 06 June 2013

    Gold coins kept for sale in the Banks are no more to be seen thanks to the RBI rule.   In order to curb the import of Gold with an average of 152 tons per month during April and May, the...

    Keywords: marriage season, international market, No More Gold coins in Banks, Gold coins no more

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    upa, parliamentary affairs, sri lankan tamil issues heat up parliament, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Sri Lankan Tamil issues heat up Parliament 20 March 2013

    While the DMK party has already announced its withdrawal from UPA bring down the majority to 275, only 2 more than the required majority, it got the Congress thinking about the resolution concerning the Sri Lankan Tamil issue in the...

    Keywords: finance minister, parliament, dmk, parliamentary affairs

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    Gold rate going up, Cost of Food Security Bill on Govt., rupee comes down to finance minister s age, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Rupee Comes Down to Finance Minister's Age 28 August 2013

    Indian Rupee made a record fall nowadays every day.   The Exchange rate now has come down to such a low level that we have shell down Rupees 68.70 to get 1 American Dollar and the number is equal to the...

    Keywords: Finance Minister Chidambaram, Food Security Bill, Finance Minister Chidambaram, Food Security Bill

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    current account deficit (CAD), Narendra Modi's comments, chidambaram satirical on namo speeches, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Chidambaram Satirical on NaMo Speeches 30 November 2013

    The Finance Minister made satirical remarks on Narendra Modi's comments in his election speeches as PM candidate for BJP. Narendra Modi has to be more careful as his speeches in public are closely observed by his followers and also opposition...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi Election Campaigning, Narendra Modi's comments, Finance Minister Chidambaram, Narendra Modi's comments

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    petition filed on Union Ministers, Cases registered on Shinde & Chidambaram, cases registered on shinde and chidambaram, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Cases registered on Shinde and Chidambaram 24 June 2013

    Cases against the Union Home Minister Susheel Kumar Shinde and Union Finance Minister Chidambaram under IPC section 420 are registered by LB Nagar Police following the directions received from the Ranga Reddy Courts. Shinde and Chidambaram have one thing in...

    Keywords: Union Finance Minister Chidambaram, petition filed on Union Ministers, Union Finance Minister Chidambaram, LB Nagar Police

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    Chidambaram at CBI Conference, CBI, chidambaram draws a lakshman rekha to cbi, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Chidambaram draws a Lakshman Rekha to CBI 12 November 2013

    Chidambaram Explains difference between policing and policy making to CBI and asks them to respect the line between them. The Union Finance Minister said, "I would caution investigating agencies to respect the line that divides policy making and policing… If...

    Keywords: Chidambaram draws a Lakshman Rekha to CBI, Chidambaram draws a Lakshman Rekha to CBI, Chidambaram draws a Lakshman Rekha to CBI, Chidambaram draws a Lakshman Rekha to CBI

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    meeting at Hotel Park Hyatt at Banjara Hills Hyderabad, Minister Chidambaram meet some Industrialists, chidambaram visits hyderabad, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Chidambaram visits Hyderabad 14 May 2013

    Union Finance Minister Chidambaram is going to visit Hyderabad today.   He is scheduled to fly from Bangalore to visit Hyderabad by 1.40 pm today to attend a conference with the representatives from Banks and some Industrialists.   The meeting...

    Keywords: Bangalore to visit Hyderabad, Chidambaram meet representatives of Banks, Union Finance Minister Chidambaram vist to Hyderabad, Bangalore to visit Hyderabad

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    Gold, Finance Minister Chidambaram, the second costliest imports of india is reigned, Finance minister p chidambaram

    The Second Costliest Imports of India is Reigned 14 November 2013

    After oil imports, Gold imports are the highest to drain out Indian currency. Because of the diminishing value of Indian Rupee in the international exchange value, the Government of India took stern steps to curb gold imports by levying more...

    Keywords: India, Second Costliest Imports of India is Gold, Gold Demands in India, Gold Imports in India

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    Agricultural Produce Markets Act, Chidambaram at Delhi Economic Conclave, government pays price for price rise chidambaram, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Government Pays Price For Price Rise- Chidambaram 11 December 2013

    The Union Finance Minister Chidambaram admitted in the Delhi Economic Conclave in New Delhi that the current inflation caused Congress Government loose elections in four states. He said, "It is common knowledge that the government of the day will pay...

    Keywords: Headlines, Headlines, Congress Government, Chidambaram at Delhi Economic Conclave

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    GDP, Planning Expenditure in Budget, fm chidambaram presents vote on account budget, Finance minister p chidambaram

    FM Chidambaram presents vote on account Budget 17 February 2014

    Finance Minister P Chidambaram has presented the Interim budget in Lok Sabha today at 11: 15 AM. He started with UPA's statistics in the ten year tenure in the government and said Indian Economy in much better shape now than...

    Keywords: Parliament of India, Interim Budget, Vote on Account Budget, Chidamabaram presents budget

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    GDP, fiscal 2014, moody s approve fm chidambaram s budget plan, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Moody's approve FM Chidambaram's budget plan 04 March 2013

    The Union Budget 2013 plan may have been receiving a mixed response from several communities in the nation but the international ratings agency Moody's seemed to be impressed with the decision of Indian Finance Minister P Chidambaram making the fiscal...

    Keywords: Finance Minister Chidambaram, credit positive, Finance Minister Chidambaram, credit positive

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    National news, SC order on Gay Sex, government to decriminalize gay sex right against sc order, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Government to Decriminalize Gay Sex Right Against SC Order 12 December 2013

    Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal says, "The government is considering all options to restore the (Delhi) high court verdict on (Section) 377. We must decriminalize adult consensual relationships.” The initiative has come after UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi expressed her disappointment...

    Keywords: Delhi high court verdict, Finance Minister Chidambaram, decriminalizing gay sex, Supreme Court

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    P Chidambaram, Young India Empowered India slogan, give more tickets to young chidambaram, Finance minister p chidambaram

    Give more tickets to young: Chidambaram 17 January 2014

    Finance Minister P Chidambaram has asked the Congress high command to field young candidates of 35 years in upcoming General elections. Speaking on the political and economic resolution moved in AICC meeting Chidambaram made this statement. “68 percent of country's...

    Keywords: Congress high command, Dr. Manmohan Singh, In the News, Finance Minister Chidambaram

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