Sri Lankan Tamil issues heat up Parliament

March 20, 2013 16:20
Sri Lankan Tamil issues heat up Parliament

While the DMK party has already announced its withdrawal from UPA bring down the majority to 275, only 2 more than the required majority, it got the Congress thinking about the resolution concerning the Sri Lankan Tamil issue in the parliament. The Congress however claims that the move to talk about the issue was not fear of losing majority but their interest in the Tamils.

Whatever be the reason, the DMK's demands are being fulfilled. Finance Minister went the distance to tell the media that the move was no way related to the DMK's threats after he said he respected the demands of the DMK yesterday. The government he says is pondering the issue to protect the sentiments of the Tamils.

He voiced that it was only through a strong and an appropriate resolution in the Parliament that they can go through the UNHRC council in the right way. He spoke to the media saying that DMK changed its mind overnight on March 18. "We are not aware why DMK has changed their stance," Chidambaram said.

Union Parliamentary Minister, Kamal Nath defended the government's stance and strongly put his opinion when he said that they were not a lame or a duck government. He said that their position was stable and there was no threat from any other party. He assured that if merely one ally pulled out, it wouldn't harm the image of the government and rather the latter was well earned through its works rather than the alliances.

The situation in the parliament also heated up. Arguments, slogan shoutings with play-cards depicting the slain son of Prabhakaran demanding justice made up the environment. Three of the DMK ministers also resigned, officially submitting their resignation to the PM.

(AW- Anil)

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