• minor girl, rape, sisters of india in clutches of dowry, Dowry

    Sisters of India in clutches of dowry! 05 July 2012

    "India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters......" How many of them remember the pledge of the country? If yes, then sexual offences on women would undoubtedly seize. Who gave a right to look at a woman...

    Keywords: IPC sections, rape, punishments, punishments

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    women giving dowry, bride price, dear women never degrade yourselves, Dowry

    Dear women, never degrade yourselves 24 January 2013

    Customs and traditions-these two words are something really important to each one of us. If we carefully dig into the so called customs, unfortunately, many of them appear like evils and one amongst them is dowry! In fact, to those...

    Keywords: women giving dowry, dowry, women giving dowry, dowry tradition

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    Karisma dowry case, Karisma dowry case, karisma kapoor files case on sanjay, Dowry

    Karisma Kapoor files case on Sanjay 27 February 2016

    Taking another ugly turn in Karisma Kapoor and her estranged husband Sanjay Kapoor’s divorce battle, the actress now reached up to filing the harassment case in Mumbai.After Sanjay previously claimed that Karisma married him just for money, now the actress...

    Keywords: Karisma Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Bollywood news, Karisma Kapoor

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    nri groom, nri groom, nri divorced without wife s consent case booked, Dowry

    NRI divorced without wife's consent, case booked 28 January 2013

    NRI grooms cheating wives is not stopping even after media highlighting the issue whenever and wherever such incidents are taking place. In a fresh case, a young woman from Jagraon of Punjab alleged that her NRI husband, who resided in...

    Keywords: nri cheating cases, nri dowry harassment, nri husband abandons, nri groom cheated wife

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    Sachin Bansal, Sachin Bansal, flipkart co founder in dowry harassment case, Dowry

    Flipkart Co-founder in Dowry Harassment Case 05 March 2020

    Flipkart Co-founder in Dowry Harassment Case:- Sachin Bansal, one of the co-founders of the e-commerce giant Flipkart is booked on dowry harassment after his wife Priya Bansal filed a case against him. The First Information Report (FIR) was filed on...

    Keywords: Sachin Bansal in Bengaluru, Sachin Bansal harassment, Flipkart co-founder, Flipkart co-founder

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    Bengaluru woman on fire updates, Bengaluru woman on fire updates, dowry issue bengaluru woman set on fire by husband and father in law, Dowry

    Dowry Issue: Bengaluru Woman Set on Fire by Husband and Father-in-law 10 October 2020

    Dowry Issue: Bengaluru Woman Set on Fire by Husband and Father-in-law:- In a horrifying incident, a 25-year-old pan shop owner poured petrol on his 20-year-old wife over dowry issue and set her on fire. The incident took place in TC...

    Keywords: Bengaluru woman on fire, Bengaluru woman on fire in Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru woman dowry case, Bengaluru woman on fire latest

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    nri marriages, nri dowry, nri abandons wife for not giving dowry, Dowry

    NRI abandons wife for not giving dowry 20 November 2012

    An NRI has allegedly abandoned his wife for not giving dowry.  The incident came to light when the victim approached police station in Surat of Gujarat and filed a police complaint. Victim was aged about 44 years who married to...

    Keywords: dowry menace, 25 laksh dowry, nri wife, dowry menace

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    Domestic Violence, Dowry Deaths In India, damning dowry death statistics, Dowry

    Damning dowry death statistics 02 September 2013

    Does India really respect its women? People have begun turning a blind eye to this evil as it has become an everday issue, though not any less painful each time. Dowry deaths have become so rampant in India that we...

    Keywords: Dowry Deaths, Domestic Violence, Dowry Deaths In India, Does India really respect its women

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    dentist, dowry case, dowry case dentist forces wife to drink his urine, Dowry

    Dowry case: Dentist forces wife to drink his urine 14 July 2012

    Offences against women are continuing to hit headlines. In yet another ghory incident, a man forced his wife to drink his urine and this didn't take place in any remote place but supposedly the IT capital of India—Bengaluru. And the...

    Keywords: Bengaluru, dentist, forces wife to drink urine, dowry case

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    Vishakapatnam, dowy, dowry case husband forces wife to drink acid, Dowry

    Dowry case: Husband forces wife to drink acid 06 July 2012

    Another ghory incident of dowry came to light in Andhra Pradesh. A man allegedly forced wife to drink acid as she was unable to fulfill his dowry thirst. This incident, which took place in Gnanapur of Vishakapatnam district, has sent...

    Keywords: dowy, dowry in AP, husband forces wife to drink acid, dowy

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    dowry harassment case, dowry 498 hyderabad, dowry case husband deserts his partner wife approaches police, Dowry

    Dowry case: Husband deserts his partner, wife approaches police 16 March 2013

    CID police in Hyderabad are in search of a person who allegedly married four women after he trapped them in the name of love. It was reported the accused, who was an advocate at High Court of AP, allegedly met...

    Keywords: dowry harassment case, dowry case hyderabad, internet marriage hyderabad, 498 case dowry hyderabad

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    women, society, the curse of dowry system, Dowry

    "THE CURSE OF DOWRY SYSTEM" 25 January 2013

    The improvement of a nation depends on the improvement of the woman class of that society. They are the mother, nurse and mother of the whole nation. So, we should always have respect for them. They should be placed on...

    Keywords: sinful, sinful act, God, inhuman

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    dowry, Jantar mantar, rs 15 crore offered to rahul gandhi as dowry, Dowry

    Rs 15 Crore offered to Rahul Gandhi as dowry 12 July 2012

    Enduring the occasional rains, Om Shanti Sharma sits at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and prays so her daughter would be able to marry none other than Rahul Gandhi, the General Secretary of the Congress Party. The mother is also willing...

    Keywords: additional DCP, dowry, Om Shanti Sharma, rahul gandhi

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    Marriage Jokes, Funny Jokes, chiranjeevi gold coins as dowry for marriage, Dowry

    Chiranjeevi gold coins as dowry for marriage! 28 October 2015

    News: Chiranjeevi gold coins out Punch: What is the position of a bride, if the bridegroom’s parents ask these coins as dowry. By Phani Ch

    Keywords: Marriage Jokes, Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes

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    iPhone 6, iPhone 6 in UAE, man demands iphone 6 as dowry, Dowry

    Man demands iPhone 6 as dowry 23 September 2014

    A Saudi man has reportedly demanded for Apple's iPhone 6 smartphone as dowry from the man who proposed to his sister. According to reports by local media, the brother of the girl had no other option rather than to buy...

    Keywords: iPhone 6 in UAE, iPhone 6, Apple, iPhone 6 launch

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    K Vittal kills wife, man kills wife, man kills wife for dowry in hyderabad, Dowry

    Man Kills Wife For Dowry In Hyderabad 02 May 2018

    Man Kills Wife For Dowry In Hyderabad:- The cases of women abuse have been coming high every single day. In a shocking incident, a man from Maheshwaram, Hyderabad killed his wife in his residence. K Vittal, a 28-year-old has been...

    Keywords: maheshwaram murder, K Vittal kills wife, maheshwaram murder, hyderabad dowry murder

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    Congnizant employee suicide., software employee suicide, dowry harassment takes another woman s life, Dowry

    Dowry harassment takes another woman's life 16 July 2013

    A growing evil and the shame of the whole society. Men who demand money from their wives are unapologetic about it, never mind the extreme mental distress it causes the new wife. Another software employee killed herself on Sunday due...

    Keywords: Congnizant employee suicide., Congnizant employee suicide., software deaths, Dowry harassment takes another woman's life

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    Quick news, dowry case against ramba and her brother, dowry case against ramba and brother, Dowry

    Dowry case against Ramba and brother 22 July 2014

    A Dowry case has been registered on yesteryear's heroine Ramba and her brother Srinivasa Rao at the Jubilee Hills police station. The case was filed by Srinivasa Rao's wife Pallavi and she claimed that her husband is harassing her for...

    Keywords: ramba's sister-in-law files police case against her, heroine ramba, jubilee hill police station, Quick news

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    nri demands dowry, dowry case, another moron demands dowry, Dowry

    Another moron demands dowry 07 December 2012

    Punjab police booked case against an NRI and his parents after a woman filed a complaint of dowry harassment against her husband and her parents. The accused live in Italy were charged with torturing woman mentally and physically over dowry....

    Keywords: dowry punishment, stop dowry now, dowry punishment, dowry is evil

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    NRI Family, Punjab, six members of an nri family booked in dowry harassment case, Dowry

    Six Members Of An NRI Family Booked In Dowry Harassment Case 17 July 2017

    Six Members Of An NRI Family Booked In Dowry Harassment Case:- In a shocking incident, police sources revealed that six members of an NRI family were booked on Sunday, for allegedly harassing a woman for dowry. The victim identified as...

    Keywords: Punjab, Manbir Kaur, Manbir Kaur, Australia

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