• Salim-Sulaiman, Tulsi Kumar, aashayein journey from darkness to light, Darkness

    Aashayein - Journey from Darkness to LIGHT 27 August 2010

    Synopsis : AASHAYEIN is a story of a compulsive gambler who discovers new meanings of fortune and life through a dramatic turn of events. AASHAYEIN is a tale Rahul's journey from darkness to light. A journey about love, hate, death...

    Keywords: AASHAYEIN Review, Salim & Sulaiman Merchant, SIC Productions, Tulsi Kumar

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    Underarm and armpit skin, Lighten the dark under arms, lighten the dark under arms, Darkness

    Lighten the dark under arms... 06 September 2012

    Underarm and armpit skin can darken for many reasons. Excessive sweat is the most common reason, since our armpits are constantly perspiring and cooling our body whether we feel sweaty or not. The sweat never completely dries out in the...

    Keywords: excessive shaving, excessive shaving, Lighten the dark under arms, sweat is the most common reason

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    kids, good relationship, for your kid to be problem free, Darkness

    For your kid to be problem free 28 March 2013

    As a parent, you are very well aware of the likes and dislikes of your kid right from their daily routine to food habits to what they like to wear to in what atmosphere they are comfortable living in. similarly,...

    Keywords: good relationship, kids, parents, dislike things

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    Metro wishesh, Top political news., telangana bandh plunges rural maharashtra under darkness, Darkness

    Telangana bandh plunges rural Maharashtra under darkness 13 October 2011

    Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company (MSEDCL) has to impose load shedding for the shortfall of 3500-4000 MW. Considering the present scenario, the peak hour demand is 16,000 mw while the availability is around 11,000 MW. The reason attributed is short...

    Keywords: Andhra, Telugu News Paper, Top political news., Telugu People

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    beautiful eyes, tips for relationships, no darkness in you, Darkness

    No’ Darkness’ in you! 16 February 2012

    Experiencing the mother hood or many more responsibilities at a time, lots of work that has to be handled and it ends up you with no time for yourself, you surviving with a bad relationship that becomes a hurdle to...

    Keywords: Fashion tips, Beautiful face, dark circles eyes, beautiful eyes

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    September film releases, Ram Charan, darkness over masala toofan audio releases, Darkness

    Darkness over Masala, Toofan audio releases 20 August 2013

    Ram Charan's Toofan and Ram's Masala are both sneaking off to a later date. We don't know the reasons except for a vague 'unavoidable circumstances' excuse. It is true that there is gloom and darkness over Telugu Film Industry this...

    Keywords: Ram Venky Masala, audio releases., September film releases, September film releases

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    israeli-american actress, oscar-winning actress, natalie portman to debut as director, Darkness

    Natalie Portman to debut as director 25 July 2013

    The Israeli novelist Amos Oz said on Wednesday that Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman will direct her first feature film based on A Tale Of Love And Darkness which happens to be a biographical sketch by him. The Israeli-American actress, who...

    Keywords: israeli novelist amos oz, amos oz biographical sketch, israeli novelist amos oz, israeli-american actress

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    positions for better Love, positions for better Love, list down fantasies positions for better love relation, Darkness

    List down fantasies, positions for better Love & Relation...! 08 August 2012

    Here's a quick list of five switches to turn on so the darkness in your bedroom gets dispelled It could be the long hours he and she spend at work. Or the stresses of city life. Perhaps plain old monotony...

    Keywords: Shoot yourself, , Walk the talk, Love & Relation

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    eye care, fairness, let your eyes shine, Darkness

    Let your eyes shine 26 February 2013

    What is the beauty without bright and beautiful eyes? Irrespective of proper diet and good amount of rest, are you not able to get that brightness in your eyes? Apart from taking the food that got a lot of vitamin...

    Keywords: darkness, eye health, fairness, darkness

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    four planets sharing the sky, Venus, four planets at a time, Darkness

    Four Planets at a time 28 May 2013

    The sky from the Earth will be a meeting place for four planets today and tomorrow.  The planets- Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn can be witnessed sharing the sky on Tuesday and Wednesday.   Venus can be seen conjugating with Jupiter...

    Keywords: west side, Four Planets at a time, total darkness, visible after sun set

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