Lighten the dark under arms...

September 06, 2012 11:01
Lighten the dark under arms...

Underarm and armpit skin can darken for many reasons. Excessive sweat is the most common reason, since our armpits are constantly perspiring and cooling our body whether we feel sweaty or not. The sweat never completely dries out in the folds of armpit skin, and it secretes uric acid, which will darken anything over time. Age, hormonal changes, pregnancy, excessive shaving, poor-quality deodorants, and genetics may also be the culprit. Dark underarms may cause embarrassment and even cause you to avoid wearing tank tops, sleeveless dresses, or bathing suits. But you can lighten dark underarms in various ways. Here are some tips and tricks that will help to lighten them.

·    Avoid using hair dissolving/removal agents and depilatory creams and you may notice your dark armpits getting lighter. These products contain strong acids and other substances to remove hair, but they can also darken the skin beneath.

·    Shaving may also cause your armpits to darken, so shaving less often may help lighten the skin. Since shaving removes the top layer of skin along with the hair, the newly exposed layer can darken instantly when exposed to sweat. Try waxing underarms instead, or use a sugar-waxing procedure to remove unwanted hair. It’s best to have your underarms waxed by a professional, as your skin is very sensitive in that area and can burn or bleed.

·    Tight blouses rub against armpit skin and can make matters worse. Wear loose, breathable clothes instead.

·    Poor hygiene can cause dirt and oil to accumulate in your armpits, which may darken them. Wash well with soap and rinse with warm water.

·    Mix lime juice, milk powder, and honey into a paste and apply to underarm skin. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. After several weeks of this treatment, your skin will become lighter.

·    Stir a paste of white vinegar and baking soda and apply to your underarms twice a day. Baking soda, a natural cleanser, combined with vinegar, a natural stain remover, can help lighten the skin.

·    Spread lime juice on the area twice daily. Use real lime, not reconstituted juice.

·    Alternatively, rub lemons under your arms after you shower.

·    Apply apple cider vinegar to dark underarm skin and do not rinse off. Repeat daily for a few weeks and your underarm skin may get lighter.

·    Consider using a skin lightening cream on occasion to lighten skin under arms. Be sure to purchase a safe one. Talk to your pharmacist, doctor, or aesthetician for guidance.

Dark underarms can be lightened with a few hygiene changes and some common ingredients from your kitchen. All it takes is a little time and patience to lighten dark underarms.

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