Cold Showers in Winter: Are they Good?

November 28, 2022 20:26
Cold Showers in Winter: Are they Good?

Cold showers in Winter: Are they Good?:- A shower after a long or a hectic day will be a relaxing one and it drives out the stress from the body. You may have to switch to hot showers in winter from the cold ones. The cold showers are superior and they bring real health benefits for the human body. The type of shower taken will have an impact on the health and the quality of your day. Here are the benefits of cold showers:

Bathing under 15 degrees celsius water is healthy for young individuals. They help in blood circulation to the organs and they boost your immunity and metabolism. The cold showers will help you to lose weight and they increase the energy levels. The cold showers will allow the blood to travel to all the organs and they will keep warm. The blood moves towards the surface of the skin and reverses the effect of cold bath. The arteries will turn stronger and the blood pressure gets reduced.

The cold showers will also help the irritated skin and will reduce the swelling. The fat muscle recovery can happen because of the cold showers. After a cold shower, the white blood cells will get released and the immune system turns active. You may feel stress free because of the cold water shower. The cold water also tightens the cuticles and pores in the skin and prevents them from getting clogged with the dirt.

There are disadvantages too. Bathing with cold water in winter may lead to brain stroke or heart attack. It lowers the central body temperature because of which the blood pressure in the arteries will increase. This can lead to brain attack. The blood gets thicker in winter and the blood vessels will turn narrow. This can lead to hemorrhagic stroke. All the elderly people are suggested not to bath with cold water during winters.

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