Covid-19 Course can be traced by the Antiviral Response

July 26, 2021 18:24
Covid-19 Course can be traced by the Antiviral Response

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Covid-19 Course can be traced by the Antiviral Response:- A new study revealed that cells sampled during diagnosis from the patients who are tested positive with coronavirus showed a muted antiviral response. All the findings were published in the journal cell. The researchers conducted an analysis from the past 18 months and research on its viral cause was focused on. They came to know how the virus enters the body. It is heard that the survey concluded that the virus enters into the body through the nose and mouth. The infection begins in the mucus layers of the nasal passageway. All the infections that remain in the upper airway are mild or asymptomatic. All the infections that progress to the lungs are said to be quite severe and they can lead to fatal diseases. The common risk factors are related to the age, obesity and gender. There are several unanswered questions about the research done.

The researchers at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard; the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; Boston Children's Hospital (BCH); MIT; and the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) were left in shock if the path towards the severe diseas can start earlier than expected. They conducted a study on the cells taken from the nasal swabs of the patients at the time of the diagnosis and they are compared to those who had mild symptoms of covid-19. The results showed that the patients exhibited more muted antiviral response in the cells that are collected through early swabs. The team sequenced the cells individually and the results were traced. The antiviral response too was identified and it was more muted in the patients with several covid symptoms. It also created an opportunity to early intervention.

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