Heart failure in extreme cases of Broken heart syndrome

June 22, 2021 17:39
Heart failure in extreme cases of Broken heart syndrome

Heart failure in extreme cases of Broken heart syndrome:- Several scientists in the United Kingdom identified two key molecules that play a role in the development of Takotsubo syndrome which is known as the broken heart syndrome that can lead to heart failure or heart stroke. In most of the extreme cases, there is heart failure. The research is done in Imperial College London that found the increased levels of the small molecules. These regulate how the genes are decoded which is called microRNAs. The research is funded by the British Heart Foundation and is published in the journal ‘Cardiovascular Research’. This helps the scientists to understand the disease and identify the risk to treat the disease.

Sian Harding, Professor of Cardiac Pharmacology at Imperial’s National Heart & Lung Institute told that Takotsubo syndrome is a very serious condition and it happens when people slip into a sudden emotional shock. Sian Harding also said that it is not easy to understand why some people respond on such a strong note. The further research about the Takotsubo syndrome is being investigated for now. The other causes and the symptoms are traced and it would take a long time to conduct a detailed research on Takotsubo syndrome.

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