Signs to Know About Lung Cancer

November 19, 2019 18:34
Signs to Know About Lung Cancer

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Signs to Know About Lung Cancer:- Lung cancer accounts for 6.9% of the cancer cases in the country. The biggest disaster is that one doesn't know about the symptoms of lung cancer until it is in later stages. Their symptoms are similar to that of tuberculosis, pneumonia, allergies or a cold because of which lung cancer may not be easily traced. As per Globocan 2018 data, mortality rate and prevalence of 3 kings of cancers across 185 countries of the world are collected. Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in Indian men revealed the study.

As many as 48,698 new cases have been registered in 2018 and 19,097 cases are among females revealed the study. “If you suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned below, have a high index of suspicion, then be persistent with your doctor. You know your body best and being aware can save your life,” says Dr Kamran Ali, Associate Consultant, Thoracic Surgery and Thoracic Surgical Oncology, Fortis Hospital.

Here are some of the signs of Lung Cancer:

A cough that lingers is a sign of lung cancer. Do not dismiss a stubborn cough.

The presence of blood in phlegm is a symptom. It should not be ignored.

If you are feeling short of breath, please consult a doctor at the earliest. Lung cancer can make you breathless.

Chest pain is one more symptom of lung cancer. It gets worse with deep breathing and cough.

An unexpected weight loss and appetite can also be a clue for lung cancer.

If there is a significant change in the voice, it may be because of lung cancer. It is because of the tumor or lymph nodes.

If you are suffering from any frequent respiratory tract infections like pneumonia or bronchitis, please visit a doctor.

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