Exercise Helps To Improve Blood Vessels In Heart Patients

October 28, 2019 15:09
Exercise Helps To Improve Blood Vessels In Heart Patients

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Exercise Helps To Improve Blood Vessels In Heart Patients:- A study suggested that regular exercise results in the improvement of blood vessels in heart patients who had experienced heart failure. The University of Missouri conducted a research and found this. The finding was revealed after a study looking at swine which have similar blood vessels and heart muscles as humans. Craig Emter, associate professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, studied three different groups of swine with heart failure. One of the groups was inactive, the second one was exercised with intervals and the third group was exercised with a constant lower level of intensity.

Craig Emter said that any level of exercise resulted in the improvement of the health of blood vessels in the heart. Craig Emter said it is not possible for a heart patient to do like a normal individual can do. Hence it is quite important and crucial to exercise to keep their blood vessels healthy. His study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. Daily exercise will have a huge impact on the stiffness of the blood vessels and they can have a direct impact on heart life. This allows for improving the health of people with heart failure.

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