Flavored E-Cigarettes may be dangerous, says study

April 17, 2015 16:14
Flavored E-Cigarettes may be dangerous, says study

According to a new study, the researchers found that high levels of chemicals used to flavor some brands of e-cigarettes are bad for health. They examined 30 different brands of e-cigarette samples in US and found certain flavoring chemicals were present in quantities beyond what may be safe for inhalation.

"The results obtained are likely to be similar to what a broad survey would have revealed, and in any case, suggest that very high levels of some flavour chemicals are undoubtedly present in a great number of the thousands of products currently available," the authors noted in the study.

All of the liquids were flavored, with tested varieties including tobacco, menthol, cotton candy, bubble gum, chocolate, and fruit flavors. A number of chemicals were present in multiple flavorings, including vanillin and benzaldehyde that the researchers say were present in high enough volumes to potentially cause harm. However, when Pankow and his colleagues estimated consumption rates, they found that an e-cigarette liquid consumption rate of about 5 ml per day puts users at an exposure of twice the recommended occupational limits. “That’s probably not a good thing,” says Pankow.

The study comes from Portland State University and is being published today in BMJ's Tobacco Control.


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