Hormone Replacement Therapy may benefit menopause women

April 01, 2015 16:48
Hormone Replacement Therapy may benefit menopause women

Hormonal therapy for menopause is under state of confusion from past few years with the positive and negative results provided by researchers. When it came into existence it gained lot of popularity and many women opted for it. But in 2002, a big study released by the Women's Health Initiative said HRT made a woman more likely to have heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. Other reports from the program said it raised the risk of breast cancer. This triggered lot of worry and fear among the patients and many stopped using this.

A new study by Swedish scientists has found that women taking HT statins have a decrease in all-cause mortality. The study was carried out on women aged 40 to 74 years who filled a first statin prescription between 2006 and 2007. Women were classified as HRT users or as nonusers and all the related information was collected from them. Among 40, 958 statinusers, 7% are HRT users and remaining are non HRT users.

The analysis report stated that “among HRT users, 5 cardiovascular deaths occurred per 10, 000 persons-years and 18 deaths occurred among non HRT users. This depicts 42% reduction among HRT users.  The all-cause mortality rates were 33 per 10,000for HRT users and 87 for nonusers. The investigators found no associations with cardiovascular events.

The researchers concluded that using of HRT decreases risk of all-cause mortality in women receiving statins.

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