Health... this Ugaadi

April 10, 2013 11:04
Health... this Ugaadi

Ugaadi is 'on' and the celebrations are 'on'... right from the 'panchaang' that decides what would be our future according to the Hindu Zodiac Signs to welcoming a new year with lots and lots of hopes and new aspirations, 'Ugaadi' is the festival of 'new' prevailing our lives.
Pulihora, booree, kheer, wada and Dal... everything we cook is so yummy and worth devoting a good amount of time to eat...

At the same time, all these food cooked and the ingredients used are very much healthy for us.

You can take the dal that is used to make dal and wada, ingredients used for making kheer, pulihora, boree, all these give sufficient vitamins and proteins to us.

Of course, it is a illusion that these food causes ill health for us, considering the amount of oil we use to cook these.

But, if cooked using a minimal amount of oil and that too not ghee or dalda but good quality oil, the food we cook is the best diet we follow for the good health.

And remember, anything in excess is contagious and this statement applies to the quantity of food we eat. Eat everything you like but in a limited quantity. Make sure your stomach is not full and you even can't breathe...

And how can we forget the good health, the ingredients in 'Ugaadi' pacchadi can bring to us...

Right from the jaggery to Mango, every ingredient not only symbolizes every emotion we encounter in our life but also has a lot of variety of proteins and vitamins for us...

So, Ugaadi with health... Wish you all a happy filled Ugaadi...

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