Now keep cold at bay

November 21, 2012 15:53
Now keep cold at bay

Winter is here and almost everyone is suffering from cold related ailments. While medication can only help a person who developed flu can feel better, it's only prevention which is the best thing.  There are some quick tips that can be adhered to in winter in order to avoid cold.

Wash your hands: Do wash your hands regularly and don't rub your hands in and around eyes, mouse and nose areas. You might be exposed to many environments and might shake hands with people who contracted cold. So, by touching your eyes,nose and mouth, chances are high for contracting this illness.

No smoke: There's a misconception that since cigarette produces smoke that people inhale, it keeps a person away from cold. This is wrong.  Smoking increasing the chances of getting cold. Do make it a point to put your ciggy away when you get cold or when you want to stay away from cold. At least reduce them if you can't keep them at bay.

Paper towels: Always use paper towels at home and even in office because germs can live up to several hours on cloth towels. Dispose these towels after you use them. It's a bad idea to hold  a paper towel in hand and wipe your face with regular intervals.

Lifestyle: Healthy lifestyle matters when you want your body to be free of illness. Eating well and exercising regularly will keep cold at bay. Apart from this, one should go to bed at proper time and should stay away from cold items and fridge water.

So, friends follow these simple steps, remain happy and healthy throughout winter without the need of cold balms and inhalers.

(AW Phani)

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