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Kejriwal child and Modi is moon

News: Centre denies Kejriwal comments on CBI, checking his office.  

Mom says that, she will gift moon, while feeding her child. What if the child asks to keep the moon in hand first?

By Phani Ch


Zuckerberg daughter Max, speaks about her dad’s letter

Zuckerberg daughter ‘Max’ after growing up

Max friend: You know, I opened FB account yesterday, several posted on my wall, in minutes.

Max: You know, I did not even open FB account, my dad already posted, just after I was born.

By Phani Ch


Naidu sends Lokesh for higher studies!

News: Nara Lokesh into Modi’s cabinet!

Just like father sending son for the higher studies.

By Phani Ch


A good line for Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2

News: Geetha’s DNA, not matched with Ludhiana family

Punch: Got a good line for Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2!

By Phani Ch


Tea cost in T-hub

News: T-hub launched in Telangana

A Kid: I think the Tea cost is much higher in this hub

By Phani Ch


MP minister logic in kicking the kid

MP minister kicks a kid for begging her Rs. 1

Political version: I did it to discourage the begging.

Personal version: From where the hell, this media has shot the video!

By Phani Ch


Option for politicians, if there are no castes?

News: To avoid the cast conflict, Madiga community person is opted for Warangal bypolls.

Punch: If there are no castes, I would wonder, what would be the next option for politicians, to create conflicts.  
By Phani Ch


Kid’s logic after watching news of Geeta finding her parents

News: Bajrangi Bhaijaan inspired Geeta to find her parents

Punch: I got a strong reason, when my dad says, movies will give a shit.

By Phani Ch


Railway officials starve the kids

News: Railway officials behind fake bottled water

Punch: My mom says, never eat anything given by travelers in the journey. Now she might even say, not to drink anything given by railway officials. Should I starve and die then

By Phani Ch


Jagan said indefinite fast true meaning

News: Jagan eats for every 2 hours in Bus

Punch: Jagan is doing Indefinite fast, which means, the fast which need not be done definitely. So Jagan is right.

By Phani Ch


Handwriting logic between son and dad

Son: Dad, you love our family doctor so much that, though you cannot understand his writing, you still try to read it. Why can’t you do the same with your own son’s writing?

By Phani Ch


Hardik Patel’s lollipop movement, benefits only them

News: Hardik Patel to launch ‘Lollipop movement’   

Punch: Neither government, nor Patel. Do you know, who will be actually benefited through this movement?
The lollypop traders and the kids who finally eat them.
By Phani Ch