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Proof to say that, name does not define a person

Name does not define a person

Eg: Password is something, which should not be passed a word about it to others and kept secret.

By Phani Ch


Right to equality lacking in blocking sites

News: Porn sites blocked

If we block, they said it was hacking and put us in jail

If they block, they are saying it is a rule

Where is right to equality I say?  

By Phani


Research question papers on Internet

A: My history professor suggested me to use the internet, for research on the subject. I did it and found very helpful

B: Really

A: Yes, I already found 30 people who sell the question papers!

By Phani


Time to sell Indian mobiles in China

News: Mobile manufacturing company in Hyderabad soon

Punch: Time to sell Indian mobiles in China. Hope it would be a counter attack.

By Phani


Why to spend money, when you are getting free!

News: Internet for Rs.100 in AP

Punch: No thanks, we have free Wifi

By Phani


Free WIFI to lonely colonies

Colony resident: Sir, my colony is very lonely, ladies are getting scared to live here.

KTR: Is it?, then let me introduce free WIFI in your colony too.

By Phani


Facebook logic in youth

In the present youth

When they get bored, they log out of Facebook

After logging out, they again feel bored and log in to it.

by Phani


Not farmers, youth strike for full day power

In future, more than farmers, the youth might strike for full day power.

Hats off to Whatsapp really.


Idea of avoiding girl's torture

Best way to avoid torture from girls.

Like all her status on FB.

By Phani


Password Incorrect

I decided to make my password "incorrect"

because if I type it in wrong, my computer will remind me,

"Your password is incorrect."


An App that scares you

A new app called "Darr" is launched in iphone 6....

You just say.....

And it closes all Facebook & whatsapp,
hides all chats,
Shuts down all games,
hide gallery and best of all,
puts your wife's photograph as a wallpaper.



Technology has reached great heights that we see advanced gadgets like smartphones and tablets with kids too. One such situation of heights of technological development

In a UKG class

Kid 1: Dude, your slate is uber-cool man, let me check it out!

Kid 2: Bro, stop calling it a slate. Its Samsung Galaxy Note 2, for Christ sakes!!!

(AW- Anil)