Animal Jokes ( Page 3 of 6 )

What happens when rabbit dances on Lion

News: YSRCP gets least votes in Warangal by-polls  

What happens when the rabbit dare to dance on Lion, while it is sleeping? The result is not new to the world.

By Phani Ch


Animals feeling after Anuradha’s murder

News: Mayor Anuradha murdered

Animals: This is why we say that, we are fortunate to take birth as animals

By Phani Ch


Can the dogs bark, in front of Lion?

News: Telakapalli Ravi says that there is no use of Pawan Kalyan

Punch: Have you ever heard of dogs barking, when Lion is sleeping

By Phani Ch


Proof: dogs are better than human beings

One reason to say dogs are better than human beings

Dog: I cannot bear those Diwali crackers sounds, please don’t buy those.
Human beings: Don’t you know that we cannot bear your barking, at night times. So, die now.

By Phani Ch


Animals inner voice after knowing Siricilla Rajaiah

News:  MP Siricilla Rajaiah is suspected to kill daughter in law.


Animals: People say, as we committed faults, we are born as animals. But the fact is, it is a pleasure being animals, than these stupid human beings.

By Phani Ch


Punch to Narayana for commenting on Pawan

News: CPI Narayana says Pawan Kalyan is an extra player

Punch: Pawan fans say, Narayana is not even that player

Moral: When dog knows that it is in Tiger cave, it should not bark  

By Phanindra


Naidu situation with Pawan Kalyan now

News: Pawan announced to strike against Land pooling

Even if the owner is identified as a thief, dog will not let him free.

By Phanindra


Dogs get insulted if we compare with humans

If people say, are you a human being or a dog?

Dogs might think in mind, “Why these ‘kaminey’ humans insult us, comparing with them.”

By Phani


Punch to humans comparing people with animals

News: Cow’s heart valve inserted to woman


Animals: At least now, stop insulting us comparing with your human beings.

By Phani


Punch on TRS silence on pushkaraalu deaths

News: Except TRS party, all oppositions had criticized TDP for the deaths at Pushkaraalu


Dog cannot kill the cat, when Lion is in front of it

By Phani


Punch on Naidu’s statement about KCR

News: I am ready to maintain cordial relation with KCR

Punch: Cat has to surrender when it is surrounded by the dogs, there is no other way.

By Phani


Punch on Pawan’s new tweet about TDP MPs

News: Pawan comes out with a perfect proof saying that, only 5 MPs attended Loksabha


Do not throw the stones at the Lion in the cage, because if it comes out, this is the result.

By Phani