Golden Milk: The Need of the Hour

August 28, 2020 18:37
Golden Milk: The Need of the Hour

Golden Milk: The Need of the Hour:- After the arrival of coronavirus pandemic, the people are now aware of the advantages of turmeric. It is not new to Indian kitchens. It is a symbol of being auspicious and is used in most of the Indian dishes. It adds color and flavor to the dishes. Turmeric or golden milk has turned out to be the need of the hour for the people because of the coronavirus attack. Golden milk is popular in the western countries as they never use turmeric in their cuisines. After learning about the scientific benefits, golden milk turned out to be a popular drink in all the leading cafes, restaurants. Golden milk has turmeric and it boosts immunity and can fight chronic diseases.

Turmeric reduces inflammation in our body and it is antifungal and antiviral. Golden milk increases the inflammation of our gut lining. The milk should be low and doctors suggested going ahead with almond milk, pistachio milk. Some of them say turmeric can be used from milk to ice cream. Turmeric is pungent and it can be used as a mix in any dish or sweet. Here is how to prepare a fresh Haldi pickle:


Yellow haldi

Orange haldi


black pepper corns


Chop all the ingredients and put them in a jar. Add pepper corns and leave to ferment in an area where there is enough sunlight for 5 to 10 days.

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