An Italian Touch For Your Favourite Puchkas

July 01, 2020 18:15
An Italian Touch For Your Favourite Puchkas

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An Italian Touch For Your Favourite Puchkas:- It is now not a safe option to have your favourite puchka or pani puri on the road side. You can have it a try at home to get the traditional puchka recipe. If you have time and patience, you can experiment with various flavours. You can try making the delicious Italian puchka shots which are filled with Italian white sauce and veggies. Here is the process of making it:


Bechamel Sauce:

1 tbsp – Butter

1 tbsp – all-purpose flour

1 cup – Milk

1 tbsp – Chopped garlic (optional)

1 – Bay leaf (optional)

Very small piece nutmeg (optional, only for flavouring)

Salt and pepper (for taste)

Italian Puchka shots:

Pani puri/puchka

Veggies (chopped)

Chilli flakes


Black pepper


For Bechamel Sauce: Just melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the garlic and flour. Stir them until it is well mixed. Add milk and continue to stir until it turns flawless. Add bay leaf, nutmeg. Stir them till the sauce starts to boil and turns thick. You can add salt and pepper in the required amounts and remove the flame. You can then remove the bay leaf from the sauce.

For Italian Puchka shots: Add some vegetables like corn, tomatoes, carrot and beans to Bechamel sauce or white sauce. Add chilli flakes, parsley and black pepper on the tip. To mix all the ingredients well, add some salt.

Take pani puri and burst it on the top. Make a hollow. Add the Bechamel sauce filling. You can then garnish with some cherry tomatoes and basil leaves.

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