Aadi Koozh Recipe: Must try in Summer

March 30, 2024 19:06
Aadi Koozh Recipe: Must try in Summer

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Aadi Koozh Recipe: Must try in Summer:- Aadi Koozh is a healthy porridge prepared at the auspicious time of the Tamil Aadi month. The word comes from 'Aadi', the auspicious month in the Tamil calendar, and 'Koozh' means porridge. Translated, it means a special porridge prepared in the month of Aadi. In the auspicious month of Aadi, Aadi Koozh is cooked and offered in temples. Aadi is the fourth month of the year in the Tamil calendar.The first day of this month is celebrated as Aadi Pandigai or Aadi Pirappu, which is an important festival for most Tamils, especially newlyweds. Once the summer season begins, it is necessary to change our eating habits to reduce body heat. Aadi Koozh is said to be one of the dishes that help our body stay cool in the hot summer months. Let's take a look at Aadi Koozh's amazing recipe.


1 cup ragi flour
1/4 cup raw rice
Around 2 cups of water + as required
1 cup of curd
2 tablespoons of small onions
2 teaspoons of curry leaves
Green chilli
Salt to taste


Add 4 cups of water to the ragi flour and stir until well combined and lump-free. Put aside. Place raw rice in a blender. Grind it into a coarse mixture, like rava. Cook in a thick-bottomed container 2.5 cups of water, add rice, and cook it until soft to a porridge-like consistency. Then add the mixed ragi flour mixture and the required salt. On a low flame, keep mixing and cooking it till it becomes thick and has the raw taste of ragi flour leaves. It will become shiny and thick. At this stage, switch it off, spread it in a wide-mouth container, and let it cool down completely.Add a small amount of water to the curd and mix well. Put aside. Grind the green chillies into a coarse paste. Now to the Ragi Koozh add buttermilk, chopped onions, chopped curry leaves and green chilli paste. Beat well without forming lumps; Add water to make a thin koozh consistency.It should be very liquid. Serve Aadi Koozh with onions and chillies.

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