250 ton rock on 4 feet base

April 11, 2015 16:34
250 ton rock on 4 feet base

Krishna's Butter Ball on the famous Mahabalipuram was, is and always the mystery till date. 

As it is shown in the pic, the hill which is just 30 feet high presently was once very high. But the land here is quite magical as it keeps on rising. The sand gets washed in from the nearby sea.    

Thought the rock is old, ButterBall, the name sounds trendy right ?. Yes it sounds trendy because it is obviously a new name. The original name of it was "Vaan Irai Kal". In Tamil language which is the original language of the land, it means "Stone of The Sky God".

The base of the rock is firmly "attached" to the hill below. Though few attempts  were made to remove the rock from the place, all those were miserably failed.     

The rock just stands on less than 4 feet area on the hill. Its a common fact that a wide area is necessary for a structure to last longer. But here a 250 ton rock standing on less than a 4 feet base from the past 1200 years is an unanswered mystery.

To our surprise, the famous Tanjavur dolls were even the inspiration of this Krishna's Butter Ball. The great King Raja Raja Chola (1000 C.E) was impressed by the rock, and wondered how it did not fall down. Thus came a tradition of making dolls that never fall down! They are made with a half spherical bottoms, so that they will come back to their erect positions even after tilting in any direction
by Phani

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