US Doctors Talk About Life After Death

September 01, 2023 20:00
US Doctors Talk About Life After Death

US Doctors Talk About Life After Death:- The only mystery which can never be answered is life after death. Many wonder about life after death and that was always an unanswered question in the world. A doctor from the United States has shared his view about life after death after studying over 5,000 near-death experiences (NDE).

A radiation oncologist in Kentucky has an experience of 37 years of research on the best ways to cancer using radiation. He established a Near Death Experience Research Foundation in 1998. He said that people who are clinically dead without a heartbeat can see, feel emotions, hear and interact with other beings.

In his study, he has interacted with many NDEs and gives a clear narration to scientific scrutiny. Dr Longs' research reveals that 45 per cent who have experienced NDEs assert consciousness while separated from their body. They often hear the occurrences and witness the surroundings.

He explains that many NDEs told him that they were warmly greeted by their loved ones and even by their beloved pets while passing through a tunnel with a radiant light.

However Dr Long also claims that he has no scientific explanation for these extraordinary experiences faced by NDEs. He explored many theories and also brains and did not conclude with satisfactory experiences.

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