Dinosaurs not extinct, here is the proof!

June 05, 2015 17:36
Dinosaurs not extinct, here is the proof!

A decade ago in Canada, A new species of dinosaur was discovered, which was nicknamed 'Hellboy' because of its unique horns.

A guy named Peter Hews, came across some bones sticking out of a cliff along the side of a river in southeastern Alberta. After a proper research, the scientists have found that, those bones belonged to a nearly intact skull of a very unusual horned dinosaur - a close relative of the familiar Triceratops that had been unknown to science till date.

In fact, the new species is similar in many respects to Triceratops, except that its nose horn is taller and the two horns over its eyes are smaller.
The horned dinosaurs fall into one of two groups: the Chasmosaurines, with a small horn over the nose, larger horns over the eyes, and a long frill, and the Centrosaurines, characterized by a large horn over the nose, small horns over the eyes, and a short frill.  "This new species is a Chasmosaurine, but it has ornamentation more similar to Centrosaurines," one of the official said. 
"It also comes from a time period following the extinction of the Centrosaurines," he added. Taken together, he said, that makes this the first example of evolutionary convergence in horned dinosaurs, meaning that these two groups independently evolved similar features.

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