World’s first murder victim found?

June 03, 2015 13:32
World’s first murder victim found?

It seems like the Scientists have cracked the mystery of the murder which was done 4,30000 years ago. 

In an underground cave system in Spain, the skeletal remains of 28 individuals are found. From the study of the archaeological department, it was heard that, they are of Middle Pleistocene time period which is almost 430000 years ago. 

The researchers further said that, the wounds found on the skull also offers an evidence of the earliest funerary practices in the archaeological record. 

The other mysterious thing is, the underground cave system where the bodies are found, has only a single access, which is through a 13-metre deep vertical shaft. Through that minor shaft, how can the humans arrive into it, is a question now. 

"This is really good evidence for an intentional role for humans in the accumulation of bodies at the bottom of this pit and suggests the hominins from this time period were already engaging in complex cognitive behaviours," a few of the intellectuals opined. 


By Phani

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