Vinod Channa, Man Behind Ananth Ambani’s Weight Loss

July 11, 2016 11:17
Vinod Channa, Man Behind Ananth Ambani’s Weight Loss

Everyone was shocked when pictures of Ananth Ambani’s slim look went viral. Definitely, Ananth Ambani has become a role model for all those who want to shed kilos and get int a shape. Apart from him, there is another person who has become famous. That is none other that Vinod Channa, the personal fitness trainer of Ananth.   

Vinod Channa is a famous Trainer in Bollywood who actually is a Mumbai settled Telugu native. He has trained many stars like John Abraham to Shilpa Shetty.

He helped Ananth Ambani to shed from 180 kilos weight to 108 kilos in just a span of eighteen months. Ananth gained weight in his childhood due to the medicines he used to take to control Asthma. Many doctors advised him to keep a track on his weight otherwise, he could get health issues.

Vinod has set a diet process which consists more of proteins, fibre and fewer carbs. Along with diet Ananth also did Yoga, Medicine ball workouts, balance training and TRX band training. His mother Neeta Ambani helped Ananth by motivating him to lose weight.

There were days when Vinod couldn't afford to have milk at least one time a day. He struggled a lot during his college days to become fit. Later, he got the title of Mr Gurgaon, Me Maharashtra runner-up. After the steady success, he chose to become a professional trainer who got his degree from K11 academy. He is presently the owner of multi-chain fitness centres named VC fitness.

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By M. Divya Shri

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