5 advantages of having low attendance in college

June 03, 2015 11:36
5 advantages of having low attendance in college

If attending the college brightens your career, bunking the college lightens your college life. These are few of the facts which prove the statement

We are ever fresh to the teachers:

As they do not know that we are the students of that class.

Friends are sure that we are in the canteen:   

They don’t even search for us at any other place, as they are very sure that, we will be at canteen itself.

We don’t even know the books, our course deals with:

So, obviously there would be any worries, stay cool

Many friends other than our classmates:

Right from the photocopy guy, the canteen owner, server, neighboring class students would turn as our friends.

We become expert in forgery art: 

Obviously, when the results are so scary, as a caring kid, we do not want our parents to threaten and so practices their signature and be an expert in it one day.

Life is short, so think positive this way and stay long


By Phani

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