Phone tapping effect: Naidu wise decision

September 16, 2015 08:52
Phone tapping effect: Naidu wise decision

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is shifting his location to AP completely and from Lokesh speech yesterday, it can be understood that, it is because of being threatened by phone tapping of alleged Telangana government.

Needless to say, how viral, the phone tapping issue went in the dual Telugu states. The phone tapping revealed that, allegedly Chandrababu Naidu called Telangana nominated MLA Stephenson for the favor in the then MLC elections.

However, Naidu and the AP officials took the issue seriously and even complained to the central government. But, as there is no great response from the centre, the state government itself interrogated the Telecom officials. Upon threatening them, they allegedly accepted that it was Telangana government, who asked to perform the phone tapping.

After the mutual understanding between the dual state government officials, much was not heard out about it. But it seems, Chandrababu Naidu still did not lose his fear of phone tapping issue and it is regarding this, he is shifting his address to AP.

Lokesh confirmed that, Naidu shifting to AP is due to phone tapping

Boosting the statement, Naidu’s son Lokesh said in a meeting held yesterday that, “It is better to go to AP, instead of falling back of Telangana and making our phones tapped.”

So it can be clearly understood that, the reason behind Naidu shifting to AP is phone tapping effect itself.

It was known that, Naidu tried to construct a new house in Hyderabad and regarding this, when he applied for the permission in GHMC, allegedly with the Telangana government’s intervention, the permission was rejected. Moreover, the phone tapping and cash for vote issues further pushed Naidu towards AP from Hyderabad, even though, there is still 9 years of time to stay in Telangana.

Not phone tapping, it is Pawan Kalyan behind Naidu shifting to AP?

If phone tapping is considered to be one of the issues, a few others opine that, it might be Pawan Kalyan effect too.  

In a press meet, where Pawan Kalyan spoke about section 8, ‘cash for vote’ and a few other issues, Pawan also said, “we are unable to leave Hyderabad, but there is no other way, let us console ourselves and kill our love on Hyderabad and leave the state.”

Now the political analysts opine that, as Pawan Kalyan said to kill love on Hyderabad and leave it, Naidu, who was very strong about Hyderabad, now got ready to leave it.  

However, Naidu has immense of experience in the politics since decades. Without a proper strategy, he might not take the decision this easily.

By Phani Ch  

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