End to KCR-Jagan friendship!

October 23, 2015 13:42
End to KCR-Jagan friendship!

KCR’s presence at the Amaravati stone laying ceremony, shed off all the rumors, which said that, there is secret friendship between KCR and Jagan.

Whenever Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was in trouble by the TRS government, he used to say that that, KCR joined hands with Jagan and are intentionally targeting him.

Even there are several instances to prove this statement. Though Jagan supported the  united Andhra movement and is against the bifurcation of the states, KCR always concentrated on Naidu, but never criticized Jagan or his party, in any of his public speeches. Strengthening it, even Jagan did not utter anything negative about KCR.

“KCR-Jagan secret friendship issue” went viral, during the cash for vote and phone conversation issues. At the moment, even the public felt that, YSRCP supported TRS government, in cornering Naidu and his government officials.

Jagan’s strategy in not criticizing KCR

YSRCP currently has zero popularity in Telangana state and that was clearly known from 2014 election results. The party’s fight against the Telangana is the result of it. So until he makes a severe influence in The state, he cannot think of a single seat in the state.

So at this time, what can be the better option, other than maintaining the cordial relations with the state’s Chief Minister.

So the political analysts say that, the reason behind not criticizing KCR or his government, is to gain back the fame in Telangana state.

KCR maintains strategical silence in Jagan’s issue

On the other side, KCR has been already super powerful in Telangana state. Then what is the reason for him to stay cool with Jagan? If an analysis is made on this, the only option that strikes to mind is, Chandrababu Naidu.

“To use Jagan, an AP leader, as the mediator and get all the information and the ideas to track Naidu, KCR joined hands with him,” the political analysts say.

Amaravathi ceremony slashes KCR-Jagan friendship!

But even though Jagan strictly said that none of his party leaders are attending the Amaravathi ceremony, KCR presence over there, has now become the hot topic among the political biggies. Moreover, hilarious response for KCR in AP is further confusing the dual state officials and are not able to come to a proper conclusion.

But a few say that, Amaravathi ceremony is the best option to prove to the public that, there is no link between YSRCP and TRS. So if Naidu is cornered in any of the issues in future, he will not have the option to criticize the Telangana government, linking with YSRCP.

So, the YSRCP will now have the better options to move their coins more strategically against the AP government, which in turn gives pleasure to KCR anyway.

By Phani Ch

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