Key arrests to be made in Telangana Phone Tapping Case

April 02, 2024 19:44
Key arrests to be made in Telangana Phone Tapping Case

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Key arrests to be made in Telangana Phone Tapping Case:- The recent phone tapping scandal in Telangana has taken an interesting turn. It has been discovered that the suspects involved in the phone tapping incident have confessed to using police vehicles to transfer money for election funds. As a result, it is expected that the police will issue notices to certain politicians who are believed to be involved. These notices will be served to candidates who participated in the previous elections as well as the winning MLAs. During the investigation into the phone tapping case, another interesting aspect has come to light. It has been reported that there is a connection to illegal money transfers, also known as hawala transactions. The police have identified a number of public figures and hawala traders who were being monitored based on information obtained from a group led by Praneeth Rao. The suspects involved in the phone tapping case have admitted to their involvement in these activities.

Based on the information provided by Praneeth Rao, the police have recently discovered that some officers were seizing money that was being distributed in the field. Additionally, it has been revealed that another officer played a significant role in distributing money to candidates from a major political party. It has now been determined that funds were being distributed in an organized manner across the state, using police vehicles as a means of transport. Sources report that discussions are currently taking place concerning the legal aspects of this case, involving a significant sum of money. In light of the confessions made by the accused, active attempts are being made to summon all individuals involved for further investigation. In a separate incident, a businessman visited the Banjara Hills police station on Sunday, alleging that he had received threats from an individual who had illegally intercepted his phone calls. The suspected culprit apparently showed the businessman a recorded voice message from his phone as a means of intimidation.

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