Hang the culprits of Anuhya rapists

January 25, 2014 14:32
Hang the culprits of Anuhya rapists

Anuhya a software techie from Andhra Pradesh went missing on January 4. She had gone to her hometown Machilipatnam for Christmas and was returning to resume her work in Mumbai. She had boarded the Visakhapatnam - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) Express on January 4 in Vijayawada at 6.35 AM. Anuhya got down from the train at the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus around 4.45 AM on January 5. She said to her father that she would call him after reaching the hostel where she resides but did not. Worried parents tried calling her mobile but it was reported as switched off.  His younger brother Arun Kumar went to the station and found that the train had already arrived. He then approached Kurla Government Railway Police (GRP) to lodge a missing complaint. GRP refused to launch a search for Esther, and suggested that she may have eloped. So they approached the Vijayawada GRP.

With no information and improvement in case, Anuhya's parents went back to Vijayawada and there they registered a complaint. The Vijayawada Railway superintendent of police Shyam Prasad reported on preliminary investigation, it was confirmed that Anuhya had reached Mumbai. A co-passenger, Dondapati Hari Babu, informed that Anuhya was present when he had alighted the train in Pune. Another co-passenger, Raghunath, said she was present when he got down at the Mumbai station. But her mysterious missing suspense continued as she was found traceable. Yet no traces of Anuhya, so parents of her along with relative and a team of Vijayawada Police started searching for her. They tracked the signals of her mobile and the last call from her mobile came from Kanjurmarg place. With the help of local people, they searched the place every bit and finally found her dead body decomposed and burnt.


Post Mortem Report

Anuhya's parents were shocked on hearing the postmortem report. TP Lahane, Dean of the JJ Hospital,  examined the body and said injuries found on her body  were caused by a big object and she was subjected to sexual assault. To destroy the evidence, the culprits poured chemicals on her body and burnt her.


Mumbai Police Investigation:

The Vijayawada GRP SP transferred the case to Mumbai Police and in their preliminary investigation, Anuhya hired a a cab to Andheri West where she used to reside. But the driver took her in wrong direction and after a few minutes, three more persons got into the cab. Anuhya tired to call her parents when she realized things are getting worse. But the culprits snatched the phone from her and switched it off. Later they took her to a house near Kamatipura, Mumbai’s notorious red light area where she was beaten up and raped. On January 8th night, the accused thrashed her brutally after she resisted their attempts to sexually assault her. She fell unconscious and remained so for the next day too. That was when the accused took her to an isolated place near Kanjurmarg and murdered her by pouring chemicals and setting her on fire.


Anuhya Father's Argument

Meanwhile Anuhya's father Mr. S Jonathan Prasad thrashed the report of Mumbai police. In their report, it was said Anuhya got down of the train at 5:30 AM but it is false. Mr. Prasad claimed that Anuhya landed in the station at 4:45 AM. Also the Mumbai police claimed to have recovered a blanket, slippers and other materials from a house in Kamatipura. However, the blanket doesn't belong to Anuhya.  On Friday, Mr. Prasad met Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde for seeking justice into the case. He alleged the Mumbai Police are falsifying the facts.


Few questions unanswered:

Why did Mumbai Police did not show interest in Anuhya's case?

Mumbai police recorded statement from LTT Staff that Anuhya got down of the train at 5:30 where as her father claims she got down at 4:45 AM. Why is there a time gap. Did LTT Staff gave false information or Anuhya's father was wrong ?

Mumbai claimed to recover belongings of Anuhya but they did not mention the place from where they recovered.

Why is there a need for Anuhya's father Mr. Prasad to meet Sushil Kumar Shinde, despite Mumbai Police are investigating the case ?

On January 9th outgoing calls from Anuhya's mobile were made, who made those calls and to whom did they call ?


Humanity & Support:

India is place where woman is compared with goddess but are actually treated as sex toys. Overall the past five years, crime on woman are increasing and most of them are rape attempts. Are men in the country become sex starved and why are they behaving so brutally with women? Moreover, India is becoming like the West, worried about making money and forgetting relations and human values. At leaset, Mumbai TCS employees did not protest on behalf of Anuhya who is an employer there. Anuhya's parents hardly got support from anyone of the them. Just because Anuhya is a non-local, her co-workers did not bother about her. Then what if Andhra and Telangana divide? Do women of both regions face the same situation?

Media should also feel responsible in cases specially in the attacks over woman. Nirbhaya case took a storm only when there was a uproar from public and later media carried it. Not all time Media need public supports. It has all the guts to show whatever they want despite being controversial.

The change in society comes only when everyone joins hands together to fight against all odds. The culprits in Anuhya's case should be punished severely. May be a new law or constitution should be made to stop the discrimination on women. Its seriously an emergency time to wake up and fight for a safer environment to live.

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