Telangana Bill May Not Become a Reality in Near Future

December 16, 2013 16:20
Telangana Bill May Not Become a Reality in Near Future

BJP and TDP were facing a peculiar problem have come together to sort it out with mutual help.

BJP has been telling all the while that it will support Telangana formation.  It went to the extent that if Congress fails, BJP will do it in their rule which they felt sure after the general election in 2014. They have been telling that they will support congress party if the bill is introduced.  But a clash crept in between national and regional interests. The main opposition party simply cannot support the ruling party that makes them lose credit of that decision.  But it cannot go back its words apparently as it will be detrimental to the interests of the party in the State.

The same way TDP also has been facing problem with Telangana issue. When the President Chandrababu Naidu was not talking in support of Telanagana he was treated as an enemy to Telangana region. When he tried to say that both regions are the same for him as two eyes, he has been ridiculed by the members of the TRS party in all cadres calling him a leader with two eyes policy.  He was cornered and was made to give a commitment in Mahanadu that he is not against the division of the State.

When all of a sudden the announcement of the decision of bifurcation of the state has come out, Chandra Babu Naidu lost his balance and his credibility in the Seemandhra region.  And his acceptance for the Telangana formation was never acknowledged by the Telangana supporters.

BJP also is not having any assurance to get support in Telangana as the credit for the formation of Telangana will either go to the Congress party or TRS but not to BJP even after the bill is supported in the Parliament.

It made TDP and BJP to look for an alternative plan. Then they started appreciating each other, meetings and exchanging mutual assurances. As a result, the parties that first were in favor of Telangana formation are now not supporting the congress party’s way of doing it.  As per them the move to make it fast is hurting the feelings of Seemandhra. They say that the problems of Seemandhra people are not addressed to and a deaf ear is turned to their anguish.

TDP Presidnet Chandrababu Naidu went to Bhopal on Saturday to attend the Chief Minister’s swearing in ceremony on the invitation from BJP.  He met BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi there and had some important discussions with him.

BJP President Rajnath Singh announced that the party is committed to Telangana but the way Congress party is doing is something that cannot be supported. BJP has started talking about Seemandhra now that justice to be done to them before bifurcation is done. BJP also says that Seemandhra people are also their brethren but not foreigners.

With the charisma of Narendra Modi in National level and goodwill of Chandrababu Naidu in the state whose efforts are still remembered that he really did something for the development of the State, their alliance may give mutual benefit to them.

And in the process Telangana Bill may not become a reality in the near future as TDP will oppose it in the Assembly and BJP will do it in the Parliament.


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