KTR calls Modi as the greatest danger for India

March 27, 2024 13:48
KTR calls Modi as the greatest danger for India

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KTR calls Modi as the greatest danger for India:- According to K.T. Rama Rao, the working president of BRS and brother of BRS MLC K. Kavitha who was recently imprisoned in the Delhi liquor scam case, Prime Minister Narendra Modi poses a significant threat to India. Rama Rao expressed his concerns during the Assembly elections, stating that there were deliberate efforts to suppress and intimidate them. Now, he believes that these fears have become a reality. Rama Rao further highlighted the diversity that once existed in India, with a Muslim serving as President and a Sikh as Prime Minister. During that time, the Hindu community felt secure. However, the current scenario is different, as there is a Hindu Prime Minister, a Hindu President, and a Hindu Chief Minister. Rama Rao noted that the BJP now claims that "India is in danger, the Hindu is in danger," but he believes that the real danger lies in the BJP itself.

Rama Rao also criticized the BJP for using government agencies such as the ED, CBI, and I-T as tools for political gain. He referred to this tactic as "Sikhandi politics," and emphasized the need for the BJP to be taught a lesson. In his view, democracy is at stake, and the BJP's actions are contributing to the peril that India currently faces.

Rama Rao expressed his belief that their victory in the Lok Sabha elections from Secunderabad, along with the success of BRS candidate T Padma Rao Goud, would mark the beginning of their triumph. He made these remarks during a gathering of party members from the Secunderabad Lok Sabha constituency at the BRS headquarters. Rama Rao further commented that Modi seemed threatened by strong regional leaders and was attempting to silence the entire opposition. His actions conveyed a desire to be the sole contender in the race. Rama Rao also mentioned that leaders like KCR, Kejriwal, and Mamata possessed the courage to stand up against Modi, unlike the Congress. During the Assembly polls, Congress had claimed that Kavitha was not being arrested due to the alliance between BJP and BRS. However, Rama Rao pointed out that she was not arrested at that time because there was a case in the Supreme Court, which resulted in a stay order. He perceived her recent arrest as an act of revenge by the ED, who went to Kavitha's house to apprehend her.

(Video Source: BRS Party)

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