Woman Oriented Five Days Festival Deepavali

November 02, 2013 10:22
Woman Oriented Five Days Festival Deepavali

Dhana Trayodasi, Naraka Chaturdasi, Deepavali, Bali Padyami, Bhagini Dwiteeya and after a gap of a day, Nagula Chavithi are the days in row which are part of Diwali.

Dhana Trayodasi is meant for Lakshmi pooja.  Of late it is related to buying of some gold.  In fact on the day of Lakshmi Pooja it is believed that Lakshmi comes home.  But in the modern times the luck is pushed by bringing gold home by buying at any cost!

Naraka Chaturdasi is the day on which the demon Narakasura was killed by Satyabhama who accompanied Sri Krishna when he went to war with Naraka.  As Sri Krishna fell unconscious in the chariot, Satyabhama takes over charge and kills the Rakshasa.


On Deepawali, which is a moonless day of Amavasy, lights are lit throw away the darkness- darkness of Ajnana (lack of wisdom).  Children treat it as their own festival as crackers are special attraction to them.

King Bali, though belonged to Asuras, was a scholar and a great donor.  But he was crushed to Patala only because of his heightened ego going out of bounds.  The day is remembered to kill one’s ego to reach heights.  It tells us that an ego makes a man down even if he has all the virtues that could be possessed.

Bhagini Hasta bhojanam is the day on which a man goes to his sister’s place to dine.  After marriage usually brothers and sisters will have their own nests of interest to limit their life, thinking and ambitions.  An occasion like Bhagini Dwiteeya gives an opportunity to recharge the relations with their siblings.

After a gap of one day Nagula Chavithi will be observed.  On this day, the Naga- serpant is worshipped and milk, egg and sweetmeats will be offered to snakes at the anthills.

In all of the above rituals, woman plays an important role. Lakshmi Pooja will be done by woman and womanhood itself is considered as Lakshmi. Naraka Chaturdasi denotes the victory of Satyabhama over the demons to save her husband.   Deepawali a row of lights is arranged by women after pooja.

A woman’s role in India is very responsible as she has to look after the needs of all the family members in addition to keeping the household and also maintain different relations with the members of the family like with husband, children, father mother brothers and sisters in law.   A man goes to his sister’s place on Bhagini Dwiteeya to see how his sister is faring well at her place and to learn some discipline from her to implement after going back.


Nagula Chavithi is totally women’s festival.  It is a prayer to the nature to safeguard her family from dangerous species.

A woman’s role is to behold integration in the household.  That is why a woman is called Gruha Lakshmi.

Andhrawishesh wishes Happy Diwali to its readers with special wishes to Gruha Lakshmis.


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