Twists and turns in ruling Congress

November 29, 2012 15:47
Twists and turns in ruling Congress

One of the senior most candidates moved out of legislative assembly alleging that he was doing so only because Congress high command was not changing Kiran Kumar as chief minister. Nonetheless, he claimed he was loyal to Congress and therefore didn't opt to move out of the party.

The efforts of big wigs to pacify Peddireddy went in vain. What's the actual reason behind Peddireddy's resignation? Was Peddireddy upset that he was not made the chief minister or was he really upset with Kiran sarkar?  Lets have a brief look at the same.

Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy is a senior Congress person who won from Punganuru constituency. He has been serving Congress party for more than 30 years and apparently knows in and out of the party activities. Although Peddireddy states that he was loyal to Congress, there has apparently been instances wherein he questioned the authority of the former chief minister late YS Rajashekara Reddy. There was presumably a cold war between the two.

It was due to the same reason, Peddireddy was reportedly never in the good books of Congress high command. It might be for the same obvious reason or for things that may be unknown, Congress never thought to offer chief minister post to Peddireddy especially during the time when it had to change K Rosaiah for making him the Governor of Tamil Nadu.


Apparently, seeds of resignation were sown in the leaders' heart that day as Peddireddy was reportedly distressed with high command for putting him aside and choosing Kiran Kumar Reddy as the chief minister candidate. Since then there had been a cold war between Peddireddy group and loyalists of Kiran. The cold war turned into live war of words after the resigned MLA gave an ultimatum to his party high commanded and demanded Kiran be replaced. Congress high command, however, chose not to change Kiran and eventually one more wicket from Congress legislature party was out.

Complaints on Kiran Kumar pile up:

Like Peddireddy there were many Congress party activists who were opposed to Kiran Kumar. Even Congress high command was seriously thinking on the same after MIM choosing to withdraw its support lashing out Kiran Kumar Reddy. Recently, AICC political observer to AP, Vayalar Ravi too said that Kiran would be summoned to Delhi and will be questioned on the complaints.

Why Congress chooses not to change Kiran:

Congress high command has only one name after Kiran, which presumably happens to be Chiranjeevi. Right now Chiranjeevi is the in charge of tourism ministry at the centre. Since Chiranjeevi is also an international celebrity, his duty as tourism minister would help the centre to a great extend. Therefore, Congress high command can't straight away replace Kiran abruptly.


Therefore, the high command wants Kiran to continue for next two years following which it might announce Chiranjeevi as the chief minister candidate ahead of 2014 elections. Till then, there are many problems that need to be tackled upon especially countering the allegations and competition from the opposition parties' padayatras and jaithrayatras.

Secondly, any change in the CM candidate at this point might bring in lot of instability within the party. Already Congress legislature party is close to the danger line and if things don't go properly after change of the chief minister, then there would be bright chances for even losing majority in the house. Lastly, it was Congress who criticised ruling BJP in Karnataka vehemently for changing chief ministers time and again. So, it would give enough scope for BJP to lash out at Congress party at the national level if it makes any change in the leadership at this moment.


All in all, Peddireddy's resignation as MLA might be a small caution to high command but will not affect the party since he claimed himself that he was loyal to the party. So, after high command announces Chiranjeevi as the chief minister candidate in 2014, he might come forward for a party ticket then. Observers said Congress high command was smart to the core and acts according to the situation keeping in view the long term goals.

(AW Phani)

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